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Open Letter – School District of Osceola County

An open letter to the School District of Osceola County Florida

School District of Osceola County

817 Bill Beck Blvd
Kissimmee, FL 34744
Phone: (407) 870-4600

Date: November 26, 2023

Incidence Number: 11212023-LT001
TAGS: Auditors, Accountability, Community, USA, Freedom, Spirit, Constitution, Education


Dear Esteemed Members of the School Board, Teachers, Staff and Administrators

The below open letter is in response to an incident that took place at the School District of Osceola County Administration Building on November 21st 2023

Not sure of the date of the incident, I assume it was also on the 21st the same days the videos were uploaded by a YouTube channel known as “Liberty Troll” for your convenience I have placed a link to the video evidence below.

Video URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rmtS-eSgoWI

First of all, I find it somewhat ironic that a public building designed for the sole purpose of educating our youth doesn’t seem to know and worse care the first thing about the United States Constitution, it’s apparent to at least some of the staff at the school District of Osceola County that the constitution is nothing more than a bunch of words that just so happened to somehow stumble together on some parchment paper one day way back just prior to 1776. As educators of our youth, I, we expect way more and better than what I witnessed in this video and so…

I pen this letter to you with a fervent spirit and a profound sense of responsibility towards the core values that define our nation. As stewards of education, your role in shaping young minds is pivotal, and it is with utmost urgency that I implore you to prioritize the teachings of the Constitution, rights, freedoms, and the essence of American identity within our educational system.

The Constitution is not merely a document but the cornerstone of our democracy, the very fabric that weaves the principles of justice, liberty, and equality into the tapestry of our nation’s identity. It embodies the aspirations and sacrifices of generations past, a testament to the enduring belief in the sanctity of individual rights and the rule of law.

In the hallowed words of the First Amendment lies the bedrock of our freedoms, a precious gift that guarantees not only the freedom of speech, press, religion, assembly, and petition but also forms the very soul of our democratic ethos. It is imperative that our students understand and cherish these rights, for they are the guardians of our democratic legacy and the architects of our future.

To be an American is not merely an accident of birth, but a profound commitment to a set of ideals—a commitment to the pursuit of justice, to the defense of liberties, and to the celebration of diversity. It is a rich tapestry woven from the threads of resilience, innovation, and the unyielding spirit of unity in diversity.

As educators, you bear the responsibility of nurturing informed, engaged citizens who understand the privileges and responsibilities that come with being part of this great nation. A curriculum that instills an appreciation for the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the sacrifices made to uphold these ideals is indispensable in shaping conscientious and active participants in our democracy.

The world our children inherit will be shaped by their understanding of these principles. Hence, it is crucial that our educational institutions equip them with not just academic knowledge but also a deep-rooted understanding of their rights and freedoms as Americans. Let us empower our youth with the tools of critical thinking, empathy, and civic engagement, fostering a generation that champions justice and stands as a beacon of hope in an ever-evolving world.

In conclusion, I beseech you to uphold the essence of our nation’s values within our educational system. Let us ensure that the Constitution, rights, freedoms, and the significance of American identity are not just subjects in textbooks but living, breathing principles ingrained in the hearts and minds of every student. Together, let us nurture a future generation that embodies the true spirit of what it means to be an American.

On another note, I personally find that when viewing these types of videos that it’s often Ego that digs in and plays a significant role in these types of situations where some people who hold some form of public office have some how wrongly come to the conclusion and actually believe they have some magical unbridled power and control over “We the People” and when these types suddenly get challenged on their faults hoods,  that rather than just tucking tail and moving along, the person effected with ego will more often than not decide to double down on their often unchecked power and continue to dig the hole there digging themselves in only deeper and, when that lawsuit comes to the fore and they often do, the cost to their city or town gets higher and higher thus making the weak minded individuals a liability to their community, unfortunately, the current system allows person that’s actually causing the harm are often never held to account or personally responsible for their actions due to what is known as “qualified immunity” instead who is it that ends up actually flipping the bill for all thiese payouts? That’s right “We the People

Thankfully qualified immunity is slowly coming to an end, not fast enough in my opinion. But its just a matter of time when the insurance companies and communities can no longer sustain or afford all this unessisary exspence, the insurance companies will be forced to start denying your claims and this is where individuals will start to feel the pain, they’ll see just how exspensive it gets to pay out of pocket and all for what… EGO? really you going that route? so maybe not today but in time, the individuals actually doing the wrong will actually have to pay for their own failures and responsibility, think about this,  how fast will  individuals change their attitudes when all this happens” and it will, this is where all this ultimatly ends, like it or not, this all gets really expensive really fast. it’s at at this stage people might just think twice before acting a fool in the first place and know their place and may even think twice before deciding they want to be a tyrant or dictator today, it’s really unfortunute but this is how we always effect change.  like it or not, this is exactly the process then and its still in effect to this day. it’s how this nation was built. only today it’s a lot easier for We the People due to fast, instant communications, videos, the wbility for everyone to have cameras to share their experience and rise awareness, in truth, all anyone wants is a better day tomorrow than today, like most of you, we only want and demand whats best for all. but we refuse to be beaten down, were not ever going away so I suggest, if you don’t like or can’t stomic all this, get out and resign now. your a public survant, I know many hate hearing this, but its what you are at the very core. it’s how this has always worked, people mistake the term survant as almost a derogitory eaning where it shold be held in honor of yuor fellow man. it’s what we hired you for. you accepted the terms and conditions either knowingly or ignorantly and the choice was yours, you did have to do this, you could have just as easily worked in the private sector if you wanted. so keep all this in perspective. but trust me when I say, tyranny will not be tolorated, it’s not the American way.

America has always been concidered thoughout the world to be the greatest nation on earth. do you know why this is? It’s not becsaue we are a better prople than anyone else in the world, or smarter r more creative, it’s becsaue of our founding documents that hold our foundation together and this is where the true American spirit, love, passion and freedom loving minds are made of, it’s who we are as a nation, while our founding fathers were not perfect men, we ask you who is perfect? is anyone of us perfect? No of course not, we quickly realize that as Americans we are shown that we are not angles, we are not demons nor gods, we are human beings and as sch we are flawed, all of us are, you, me everyone. if we are all sitting around waiting for the perfect person to come along and fix and make right everything, were going to be waiting a very long time becasue perfect does not ecist, all we can do is continue to strive towards this goal, but that it’s OK were not.

Sure, auditors are a sort of a funny breed, most people especially those who work in public office think their a nuisance to society and  that what they do is kind of silly right? in truth, Auditors are  actually providing a great service to our nation, they help bring attention and awareness to all the wrong doings of public employees and government for witch we all pay for dealy and its called “ACCOUNTABILITY” and lucky for us what auditors do actually works, of course people don’t like it when their being challenged, I’m the same way however and unfortunately it’s one of those necessary evils I suppose, we must at all cost hold each other accountable otherwise all were going to end up with is a banana republic, I can’t speak for anyone else but I can assure you, you don’t want to live in a  banana republic, it’s faiirly barbaric way to live. America is not perfect, lord knows we havea long road ahead of us, it can actually seem innsurmountable in scope as their seems to be no end in sight right? that’s becsaue there isent, evolution never stops does it.

So with unwavering hope and deep reverence for our nation’s ideals, I thank you for takeing the time to read though what I believe to be some of the most important work taking place “The Auditor.

Mark W

Looks like you have been trolled by Liberty Troll, A job well done.

A web version of this open letter is also available on our website link below











Cc: Lester Yeates (badge 72676) | Director of Safety and Security
contact: 407-343-4506 | lester.yeates@osceolaschools.net
cc: Russell Gould | Coordinator
contact: russell.gould@osceolaschools.net
cc: Dana Schafer | Public Information Officer
contact: 407-870-4007 | dana.schafer@osceolaschools.net
cc: Mark Shanoff | Superintendent
contact: mark.shanoff@osceolaschools.net


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