May 22, 2024
Freedom Walker



When it comes to agenda’s, there are many playing out right in front of us all the time, recognizing what some of these agendas look  like or where they might be coming from is easier to spot for some us who can see beyond the veil is  easier then it might be for some people.

First let us define  the word “EVIL” when looking at Websters Dictionary, it describes Evil as:



ˈē-vəl British often and US sometimes ˈē-(ˌ)vil
eviler or eviller; evilest or evillest

Synonyms of evil

1 a : morally reprehensible : SINFUL, WICKED
an evil impulse
b : arising from actual or imputed bad character or conduct
a person of evil reputation
2 a : archaic : INFERIOR
b : causing discomfort or repulsion : OFFENSIVE
an evil odor
woke late and in an evil temper
3 a : causing harm : PERNICIOUS
the evil institution of slavery
b : marked by misfortune : UNLUCKY

Etymology: evil (adj.)

Old English yfel (Kentish evel) “bad, vicious, ill, wicked,” from Proto-Germanic *ubilaz (source also of Old Saxon ubil, Old Frisian and Middle Dutch evel, Dutch euvel, Old High German ubil, German übel, Gothic ubils), from PIE *upelo-, from root *wap- “bad, evil” (source also of Hittite huwapp- “evil”).In Old English and other older Germanic languages other than Scandinavian, “this word is the most comprehensive adjectival expression of disapproval, dislike or disparagement” [OED]. Evil was the word the Anglo-Saxons used where we would use badcruelunskillfuldefective (adj.), or harm (n.), crimemisfortunedisease (n.). In Middle English, bad took the wider range of senses and evil began to focus on moral badness. Both words have good as their opposite. Evil-favored (1520s) meant “ugly.” Evilchild is attested as an English surname from 13c.The adverb is Old English yfele, originally of words or speech. Also as a noun in Old English, “what is bad; sin, wickedness; anything that causes injury, morally or physically.” Especially of a malady or disease from c. 1200. The meaning “extreme moral wickedness” was one of the senses of the Old English noun, but it did not become established as the main sense of the modern word until 18c.As a noun, Middle English also had evilty. Related: EvillyEvil eye (Latin oculus malus) was Old English eage yfel. The jocular notion of an evil twin as an excuse for regrettable deeds is by 1986, American English, from an old motif in mythology.OK, maybe to much information, we get it…

There are according to World Population statistics WORLD-O-METER 8+ billion people on planet earth, guess what? everyone of us have an agenda, my agenda for example might be waking up tomorrow morning, have my 2 cups of coffee, take a walk, come back, take a shower and start my day. this is a fairly innocent agenda right? most normal humans on average would probably have very similar daily agenda’s, nothing out of the ordinary really.

Well what if I told you their are people (entitles) on this planet who also have agendas of their own, the problem is however is that these beings agenda’s are, more often than not, far more sinister in nature then those of a normal decent human being, these entities have over the course of time inserted or infiltrated themselves into positions often of what society has come to know as high stature, such as in leadership roles or governments such as a Senators, Congress members, hell even Presidents or Prime Ministers. who knows, maybe even the POPE for all we know.

Above all this, let us talk a bit about the global banking systems such as the IMF, World Bank and  even the BIS or Bank of International Settlements, question… do the people (entities) running or managing these banking institutions have agenda’s of their own? absolutely, of course they do, why not right? seems reasonable and logical, the question we need to be asking ourselves however is, are these so called leaders/managers of this banking cartel agenda’s generally (good) or (bad) for the people of the world? before you answer this, take a quick look around the globe and witness  what’s happening and the answer to this question should become fairly obvious to you. however and in the event that it’s not all that obvious to you or if you think these people have humanities best interest in mind, you might want to check yourself into the nearest mental institution to be quite frank with you. with all this being said, I have some thoughts for you to consider.

1- It’s been reported and highly visible that the United States for example is right now, 32 Trillion dollars in debt, the UK is also in a very similar situation of massive debt and so too are many other nations all around the globe, except, interestingly enough, Russia… Russia seems to be doing quite well for some reason did you know this. interesting right? well I kinda know why this is but for now, let us continue with the theme “Agenda’s” It’s very curious that the entire globe it sems is in massive debt, OK so what?. the question I have for you is, why is it that no one seems to be asking what to me should be a fairly obvious and logical question.

The question is, if the whole world is in debt, where did all the money go?  think about it, if this is all true and the entire globe is in massive debt, who is it exactly is the entire planet indebted to? is it Mars, Jupiter, the Moon? who, this to me seems like a good and logical question and yet no one seems to be talking about it, why? but hey, maybe it’s just me IDK or maybe I’m just retarded or something IDK but I find this whole situation very curious.

The story being told to us about all this on the daily is not making any logical sense what so ever and yet we all just seem to except this very bizarre and illogical narrative and just go on with our lives as if nothing is wrong or happening, to me, this could very well be the new definition of insanity, now to be clear here, I’m certainly no financial genius, hell I’m as broke as the next broke anyone. but something is really strange and off here with all this hoopla don’t you think? I mean just think about the stories were being told on the daily, it’s almost laughable if it was not so insane.

So why all this sudden change, what’s happening? what are the banks attempting to do to fix all this mess? this brings us to a fairly new thing known as CBDC’s or Central Banks Digital Currency. we often see Jamie Dimond for example coming out and shit talking about crypto currency and Bit coin, there you go, when he does this, what he is attempting to is 1st he id attempting to redirect your attention away from the stories coming out in mass about his involvement with Jeffery Epstein and that whole mess, more on this later, but secondly, he is attempting to discredit both Bitcoin and Crypto while at the same time he has to advocate for CBDC, wait a cotton pickin moment, aren’t CBDC’s a form of crypto currency’s? yes they are, so he’s using an age old game of word play or double speak, talking out both sides of his mouth, why is he doing this you ask, simple, he has an agenda to fulfil for himself as well s his Banking crime syndicate friends who have been controlling things for eons and their in desperate need right now to keep their system of control alive.

in other words, the banking system right now is attempting to get ahead of what is about to happen so they can stay in power and control, after all, those who control the money control the world, it’s just the way that it’s been basically ever since 1911-13 when the Federal Reserve Act was implemented, unlawfully I might at when these bankers joined in secrete on Jekeil Island to put this plan in motion and this is where the Federal Reserve which is a (private bank) controlled by these criminal banksters ever since.

The main reason all these banker people as well as the Media and certain people in Government are constantly trash talking Bitcoin all the time is easy, for me it’s fairly obvious, but for those of you who might not be fully understanding the situation, I’ll see if I can add some clarity for you.

Bitcoin uses technology known as (PoW) or Proof of Work, what does this mean? basically it means their is obsoletely no central control of the system, you won’t find a CEO, President, Company, Corporation, Government or Bank who owns or controls it, it’s PoW so every transaction has to be verified by the entire network and therefore it can not be manipulated, their is only 21 million Bitcoin in existence and this can not be change added to or manipulated, it’s hard coded into the code. but this is why the banks and the current controllers  hate it so much, because they will lose their power and control over the people.

All other cryptocurrencies however because their not built on the same technology, these are considered (PoS) or Proof of Stake, this means their are controllers who can manipulate the entire system, it’s just another centralized banking controlled by the same criminals and here is the kicker, because it’s centralized, those who control the system can turn your digits (funds) off anytime they see fit, this is not freedom, it’s the same slavery system your in now with the dollar, except this time around if and when they implement their CBDC their level of control over you is going to be far worse, with the current dollar they could manipulate us  fairly heavily, but with their CBDC’s in place, its full control instantly, for example, say your on fakebook posting away and you say something the establishment don’t like, to prevent you and control you, all they have to do is flip a switch and turn off your digits (CBDC) until you comply with their demands, its that simple.

So what Jamie Dimond is doing when he’s shit talking on Bitcoin, he is attempting to get you to associate Bitcoin with all other cryptocurrency’s in an attempt to convince you that it’s all bad while at the same time getting you into their centralize CBDC digital system. it’s a con game and this folks is their AGENDA.  do I need to draw you a picture?

Bitcoin is FREEDOM because it’s not centralized, using it you need no ones permission to purchase, trade, buy or sell to and from anyone on anywhere on the planet instantly with minimal, actually a fraction of the cost the criminal banking system has been charging us, it’s a permissionless system of trade that requires no permission  from anyone, no bank, no government, no company, corporation, individual NO ONE, it’s a free open Peer-2-Peer gateway network of exchange with a fraction of the cost that the banks have been charging us.

,  is because of these major differences

It seems to be this is all happening  because many different agendas are converging or messing together maybe breaking the Matrix, or maybe it’s not breaking it at all, maybe it’s fixing it instead, either way, it’s certainly all playing out in real time right before our eyes and we often don’t even see it, these banksters and a lot of their shanaegans have have for a long time been hidden from view, however, it seems the tides are shifting and today the veil that has kept us from seeing what’s behind all this secrecy is now being exposé more and more  each and every day, if your paying attention, this should be fairly obvious to you.

What if I told you their are other sinister agenda’s going on as well… would you believe me? sure why not…

As it turns out, there are agendas in the medical and pharmaceutical industrial complex, the media industrial complex, the education system, the judicial system, police, courts, cities, towns, and states and on and on and on. so what does all this mean exactly. well it means that their are an awful lot of agendas playing out that what this means. and all the while all these agendas are often far more sinister then your normal average human being type of agenda’s. this rabbit hole goes deep and I’m just barely touching the surface here in this article so there is so much more, so much it would make your head almost explode, and I’m not kidding.

IN the medical field alone, the whole COVID-19 was an agenda, the vaccines for this were actually designed and patented back in 2015 and it’s now being discovered on the daily all the freaky deaths this vaccine have caused especially in the sports arena and eve more specifically Soccer, as it seems to be a fairly big trouble spot when it comes to death and vaccines. are you paying attention yet?

What about our schools, what’s the agenda their? what’s going on in schools should be very concerning to everyone especially schools located in Democrat managed cities and states because this is where many of the school systems are forcefully indoctrinating your kids in many cases with all this sudden transgender BS that seems to have exploded out of left field all of a sudden,  is anyone paying attention to any of this?  if you don’t find this evil, then you should probably check yourself into the nearest psych ward and get looked at for  brain damage because this shit is sick especially to kids who don’t have the ability to consent legally, but this is what this particular agenda is about, it’s the normalizing of this insanity, it’s also known as conditioning, I call it brainwashing, I mean seriously. lets say what it is and stop avoiding the issue. this insanity needs to be stopped ASAP.

Legal/Lawful, this is another areas of total agenda playing out right in front of us, this has one however has actually been a problem since the District of Columbia Act of 1871 otherwise known s the Act of 1871 when  America was then transformed from our original form of a Republic into a Corporation, this in itself is a big story and beyond the scope of this writing, but it’s a huge problem all on it’s own and most people have no idea in the world what this means or how important this actually is, thanks the corrupt school systems however, their more interested in indoctrinating our kids then they are actually educating them with such things as history, it’s a travesty.  I’ve been talking about this one for 25 years, some people get it, most don’t know and don;t care, it’s these people I get to wondering if they will even make it though waht we are about to experience. or are they too far gone mentally, this I don’t know. but it’s certainly crossed my mind a few thousand times LOL.

The Media Agenda

Yes, even the media has an agenda, many people may not realize this but the mainstream media such as Major News Networks, Newspapers, Books, Movies and others, not all but many different MSM organizations came in partnership with the CIA back in the 1950’s , this is fairly well known today as [Operation Mockingbird] see: Wikipedia and 10 other conspiracies that turned out to be true

The CIA then uses it’s power and influence to dictate what and how information should be distributed. thus creating a faults reality of current events, ever wonder why President Donald J, Trump so famously and rightful coined the phrase [FAKE NEWS] now you know why.

Back as early as 1910 when the Banking cartels were attempting to take over the US Banking system, it was six men – Nelson Aldrich, A. Piatt Andrew, Henry Davison, Arthur Shelton, Frank Vanderlip and Paul Warburg who met in secrete on Jekyll Island, Georgia back in 1910 to instigate their plans to make the Federal Reserve (private bank) and to take control of the nation money supply, those who control the money, control the nation. unfortunately, these bastards were very successful in there schemes and are still holding the purse strings to this day, although, thankfully, it appears if you look closely, we see now that their control is now coming to and end, more on this later. it’s gets exciting.

“Give me control of a nations money and I care not who makes it’s laws”
                                                                           ~ Mayer Amschel Rothschild

So to recap, I showed you many different agenda’s all playing out almost in concert, we showed you Government Agenda’s, Banking Agenda’s, Media and the CIA Agenda and there’s more such as the Pharmaceutical Industrial Complex Agenda including the Health care system in general.

NOTE: Please understand that when we say these entitles all have agenda’s, don’t think we are talking about the whole systems and everyone who works in these institutions, it’s not how this works, but at the top of all these organizations, remember, shit rolls down hill and many good people who work in these places are generally hard working people just trying to provide for their family, however, there often very   compartmentalized workers, their most likely not even aware of these agenda’s playing out above them, so don’t blindly go after them as if their guilty because they many not be in many cases, instead go after the systems they work for. and help identify and expose your findings.

(NIH) – National Institute of Health  (FDA) – Food and Drug Administrations   (CDC) – Center for Disease Control,  Yes, believe it or not, like it or not these organizations also have agenda’s and I hate to break it to you, but these are some of the worst because there agenda’s are actually hurting and even killing people because of their negligence and wrong doings. di you think COVID-19 was real? do you think the vaccine helped or hindered real people? I’m going to leave this bit here for you to study and discover the truth of all this on your own, sadly, many people are so scared of truth they never bother looking, but hey, it’s your life and your responsibility. I’m just hopefully getting you to open your eyes and see.

Sometimes the truth cannot be told, sometimes the only way is to show you the truth and that’s exactly what’s happening today if you would just open your eyes, if it was any closer, it might reach out and bit you.


Propaganda is actually IMHO a fairly big problem because it holds quite a lot of weight when the media propagates their lies, I’ve noticed that people who even claim to be awake still believe the media, it drives me crazy, on one hand they’ll tell me they know the media lies and is fake, but at the same time, believe what it says about things like Donald Trump is going to be arrested, it’s almost baseman.  but the media only gets away with this because they have always had protection from the over reaching controllers who are members of the deep state, the deeps state are the people your not suppose to know oe see, they operate more behind the scenes but they wield a lot of power over Washington and the actions of both the house and senate, and all this depends on a very controlled media who are no longer actual investigative reporters, their talking heads for their mob basses in the  deep state and this is why I call it a concert because in order for all this to work,  it’s the mob basses that must maintain control over everything, this is known loosely as the Deep State.

So the media is controlled, Hollywood is very controlled though the use of sex scandals and bribery schemes, the medical systems are controlled, and on and on and on.

Again, we have to very carful of who we blame because not all are on the same level,  some of these people are being blackmailed because they went to a party, got drunk, hung out with a bunch of underage                           and ended up waking up and some kid is with them, next thing they know, their being blackmailed, from now on, you do as we say or were going to destroy the rest of your life away.

Sometimes people are simply being threatened with their family, do as we say or else we eliminate your brother, sister, family, whatever it takes. submit is your only options. what would you do?

Some people have reluctantly but then later willingly participated in pure evil acts in order to help them clime the ladder of success in this criminal empire.

Some people are in it because their the ones instigating all this drama, they help on higher levels of the organization, there in it all the way and their is no backing out.

So different levels of crimes need different levels of punishment, IMHO, everyone needs to be punished, but the higher ones deserve the death penalty for sure. I’m not a big advocate for the death penalty, but in this case, when the full weight and scope of these peoples comes come to the surface, you too might change your mind as I did.  it’s something your going to have to come to terms with when  that time comes.

There is also the chance that some of these crimes are so graphic and disgusting that they will never be known except to those who actively seek the information, but some it may be too much for some to bear and this is certainly understandable. trust me, the crimes get really bad, satanic, it’s down right nasty. as someone once said, the end won’t be for everyone, perhaps this is what was meant, IDK

Below, is an audio file I placed here, it was something I wrote up and one day was playing around with Text to audio AI on some website and I put this in and this is what came back, I thought it was sort of cool so I inserted it. let me know what you think.

Listen to the Audio – The Nazi Agenda

Nazi Germany didn’t start with gas chambers, it started with one party controlling the media. One party controlling the Message. One party deciding what is truth. One party censoring speech and silencing opposition, One Party dividing citizens into US and THEM and calling in their supporters to harass them.

It started when good people turned a blind eye and let it happen

It was an agenda like so many others. Are you starting to connect the dots? Are you starting to recognize the patterns. These types of tactics are noting new, it’s actually one of the oldest tricks in the master book of deception and wizardry.  It’s truly amazing that this wasn’t recognized long before now or, maybe it has but only by a smaller group of advanced viewers and visionaries.

I personally knew something was off when I was just 10 years old, I did not understand at that time what it was that was going though my mind, but I remember thinking or maybe feeling that something’s not right, everything felt  off too me, I thought this way about money even though I had no real concept of money, I felt this way about schools, governments and even church to a certain degree, again, I did not understand anything I was feeling, it’s was just a sense I got. It’s not even that I spent all that much time on any of this back then, it was like small little flashes of ideas floating around in my minds eye.

Today however, 55 years later, Boy oh boy, I have a whole new and open perspective of why I might have been feeling all those emotions back when I was 10, I say open only because my view on things only more and more clear as new information becomes available, not rumors but facts that we can at least tangibly see and feel



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