May 22, 2024
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Transgender Agenda


Many of us know there has been a long running issue when it comes to Transgender, I remember a day when this type of thing was a fairly wide spread rejection for anyone claiming to be the wrong sex, this in itself should have raised eye brows back then.

NOTE: I realize that I’m as we all are, a bit bias when it comes to the subject of the Transgender issues so take this into account as you read, I am not claiming to know the answers of how , why or who might be directing this what I call “Agenda”, my only goal here is to add some of my own personal observations when it comes to the trans  issues to the discussion and hopefully bring some of my own thoughts and ideas for us to consider when it comes to this subject.  this is a complicated issues in many regards and it’s tentacles are far deeper then what I can go into here these are just some my initial observations.

However, today the trans movement has reached an almost unnatural proportions to the point now that it’s actually making a lot of people rise some interesting questions and concerns and rightfully so. There is it appears something very sinister going on here that I believe reaches far beyond the scope of a real organic movement, is it just me or does something smell really fishy here? no pun intended…

What’s Going On?

I don’t have some magic wand or data to actually back up what I’m about to write about, but I can’t help but feel something isn’t right here in Kansas anymore folks so what gives?

I have some ideas however that come from a fairly wide range of interest and sources when it comes to things like this and a few names as well,  it’s hard to connect all the dots in a logical meaningful and understandable way that the reader will better understand because the information tends to get a bit convoluted and the more convoluted it is, the more confusing it becomes. I’ll do my best.

Do you remember the Movie “The Stepford Wives”? have you seen this movie? if you have keep this idea in the back of your mind, it will become clear to you why I mention this movie in a bit. Also were going to be talking about conditioning, conditioning is a process known to be used by certain segments of the CIA operations that were tested on humans back in the mid 60’s maybe even sooner one such operation is known as MK-Ultra, the CIA just so happens to be the same group that started “Operation Mockingbird” where the CIA basically took over many, not all of the News Papers and Media outlets so they could control a certain narrative and to keep us from the actually fucking truth. Sounds strange to you? well read on. I hope to bring some clarity to all this by the end. Let me know how I did.

I actually have no problem with anyone who happens to be identified as transgender, however I do have one caveat that must be considered…  if whatever person or group is advocating anything to do with this sudden transgender movement, it has to be coming from an organic place why? Because I have reason to think and believe that the original movement as well as the whole [LGBTQ….] alphabet soup mixes of gender identities these days that it’s been infiltrated and is now either been or being weaponized to divide an  entire Populus, again if what is actually happening all of a sudden was happening organically, I would have no problem with it. However, I don’t think in all honestly that this is what’s going on on this level if this was an actually organic movement.

We tend to forget but if we go back down memory lane, first it was a Transgender anomaly, then Came the sudden issue with this Pronoun (program) nonsense remember this also started fairy recently as well, then it was the Multiple countless gender types, these types of antics are all seemingly coming out all of a sudden out of left field all of a sudden, this is just in the last 5 or so years or something like that that al of this has come about and it’s getting more and more in our fac as each day passes, it’s as if it’s purposely being forced feed another agenda down our thoughts, the  CIA refers to tis type of mental gymnastics as Conditioning, it’s a sort of mind control,  it was Joseph Goebbels who said. “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it”. Read “The Big Lie

So, is all this suppose to just be one big coincidence? I highly doubt it, I’m not a big believer of coincidence, but I very strongly feel that something much more sinister is going on here. It all feels very orchestrated and managed, I could talk all day about this and it would turn your stomach but when you start putting all the pieces of this puzzle together, a picture starts to form in our brains that something’s not right here. You can almost feel it in the air, we may not know what exactly it is or who or what is causing all this but something is almost certainly causing this sudden influx of some very bizarre human behavior that’s clearly not coming from an organic or natural place, not at all.

Another interesting article on Transgender I ran across is f rom Red State News intitled “Why the Transgender Movement Is So Aggressively Misogynistic”

It’s an interesting read for me because it touches on other aspects of the Transgender issue and some of the results and what I view as very odd behavior’s in the MSM trans community. click image here to visit there website.


About the Movie “Stepford Wives'” this transgender movement if you will, reminds me of that movie, not so much the movement itself but many of the people who’s videos I’ve seen of people claiming to be trans are acting out in some not so attractive way, it’s almost as if their acting without their own thoughts, robotic perhaps, it feels and seems to me a lot of them are being controlled some how or that either there being paid, mind controlled somehow or MK-Ultra type conditioning, this I honestly don’t know, all I do know or feel very strongly is that its not at all a totally organic movement, and this is what I mean by that, the movie the Stepford wave’s in the film were programed or controlled to act in a certain manner or a certain way and just do what their programmed to do, this transgender movement for lack of better words seems to take on these same types of attributes,  I don’t have the answers to how or who could be doing this but from the looks of things there could very well be something this sinister, I tend to believe it, but it’s hard to come up with any real concrete evidence of any of this, but I do think it’s worth exploring and taking a more in-depth because look, all I know or feel very strongly about is that like I said before, something is feeling really off with all this.  and it can’t just be me that feels or thinks this way.

Think about it, It was not that long ago that none of this stuff even entered the mind of the people let alone actually happening to the degree that is happening now and to think, all this coming out of nowhere only in the last 5 years or so, things that make you go hummm. Where is it coming from???

Here is a video from 3 years ago from Dr. Michael Laidlaw explaining his professional opinion on the trans subject, watch it and see what you think, I do not know Dr. Laidlaw nor de I blindly believe or not believe what he has to say, I post it here for reference only, it’s up to yuo the reader  so come to your own conclusions/

So, all this begs the question, what could it be if what’s happening is not natural or organic? Well, this is where some name dropping comes in as well as the who or what might benefit from these operations, who are pulling these strings within this era of total insanity and madness, could there really be such an agenda? could this agenda really all play out in reality? Who would benefit and why?

Here’s another video of what insanity looks like, I don’t know about you, but this behavior’s is not at all normal, natural or attractive, at this level, I dare say this is a sickness and breakdown of society and that’s what this article is about, is attempting to exposé this nonsense, these people can’t be for real…  again, watch it for yourself and see what you think. trust me, this all gets even far crazier then this, just do a search on YouTube, you’ll find them by the truck load.

Well to answer some of these questions let us look at some of our enemies, who are they and why are they so hell bent on destroying our great nation?   These enemies are age old and their plans have been in the making since Americas fist inception on July 4th 1776. If we look closely,  we will find the Central Banking System perhaps not at the head of this snake “SWAMP CREATURES” but they have certainly controlled things on the higher end no doubt, this system of control goes much deeper and higher, but it will be beyond the scope of this article. So, the bankers will be the beginning in this leg of story, can let us begin.

It’s always been said, It’s the Global Central Banking System that controls Governments, and it’s the Governments who control the people, a famous quote from (Mayer Amschel Bauer Rothschild) that should be sufficient to make this point abundantly clear.

The banks are probably our number one enemy of our Nation because it’s the banks who would benefit the most from their insatiable desires to SCAM the world. This is part of the “infiltration not invasion” that President John F, Kennedy talked about in his famous speech long ago in 1963, 10 days prior to his assassinated I might add – Listen to this short

Coincidently, Kennedy was fighting the very same enemy as Donald Trump is today, do you think it’s a coincidence that they continually attack Trump even to this day and from the very moment he announced his Presidential Run coming down the escalator in Trump Tower? If you do, hey, I have some swamp land I need to sell. Interested?

So this little bit I’ve written so far should be at the very least be rising some Interesting questions in your noggin for sure… if so… Well done, Watson… now let us continue, shall we?

You might be wondering what does any of this has to do with Transgender right? Good question, well read on as I attempt to unpack some points of interest and hopefully I, if I am successful will help connect some of these dots for you.

So, what the actual fuck is happening here with all this transgender LBQTS… and the sudden pronounce stuff?

Well, the problem some of you might not be seeing is that none of anything with all this stuff is organic, instead it looks more orchestrated and controlled and yes, I realize there are certainly anomalies in nature that may cause some of this, but this is not at all what’s happening here with this whole trans movement today that seems to be a more sinister and deeply embedded into the consciousness of mind, I think, believe that these as well as other movements have been weaponized by some fairly crafty and sinister actors, namely people like George Soros. Sadly, many people still don’t even recognize yet that the United States is at war, and this agenda appears to be playing out as part of it, and because this is  definitely being orchestrated by our enemy in an attempt to destroy America from the inside out. This tactic is known as infiltration instead of invasion, because our enemies know dam well, they have no chance to take over America because they know that on average every American owns 3 guns, that’s almost a billion weapons in our defense so theirs no way our enemies would ever get away with it, they may be able to cause some damage in the beginning of that sort of battle is it were ever to occur, but as news became available, very quickly these days throughout the United States thanks in part to the internet and Elon musk if our enemy also attempts to take down and, if this happened this is why I believe all the satellites are being put up as we speak,  54 every other day on average by Elon Musk’s SpaceX to the sum of today is  a total of something like 10-12,000 satellites around the world so far, this is why, Elon Musk is the US’s largest military contractor ever in our nation’s history, so, our enemies actually have very little chance of success using invasion and so they had to choose infiltration instead of invasion and a perfect way to achieve such infiltration is to enlist a very vulnerable group.

If we look at Germanys Adolf Hitler, it’s been written that in the public he was totally against the gays, but in private, he was actually one of the major contributors of the gay/queer movement. He apparently did this for two reasons, 1 to create plausible deniability and 2, to continue the agenda to disrupt humanity so that one day the Deep State Cabal or whatever you wish to call them could run and control the entire planet and all of its resource’s.  This plan has been in motion for a very long time, it’s nothing new at all, the only thing new is Donald J. Trump who came along and disrupted their entire plans and now the deep state is way off balance and out of time, yes, they were on a schedule because they use or rely on numerology very heavily and now there plans have been thrown into the wind thanks largely to Trump. But as Trump himself has pointed out a number of times, they are not after him, they are after us, We the People of the world, Trump just happens to be in the way because his is uncontrollable, this is why Hillary was suppose to win the Presidency back in 2016, they “The Deep State” never thought she could lose and so they got so arrogant and confident that they did not see what was right in front of them and Trump won and  thank god for if he did ‘Ent, theirs a god chance we would not be living in America right now, ill just put it that way.

Always follow the money and it will always lead you to the root of the problem why? Simple really, the banks payout to house and control and  very often use blackmail as a means to control people such as Jeffery Epstein who just so happened to be the guy who trapped many people though black mail how, easy,  invite so and so to Epstein’s Island, get them all partied up with girls and boys of underage status into bed, take pictures and wholla, blackmail, once people are captured like this you then say…you do as we say from this day forth or else we are going to ruin your life forever, yes, folks this is what war looks like, this war is not being fought with guns, army men in uniform, it’s not with  battleships or airplanes’, this is psychological warfare. And it’s been in the making since America was founded in 1776

So why do you think it’s been so important to confiscate our guns, do you honestly believe these ass clowns give a rat’s ass about your safety? If you believe this, again, I have a bunch of swamp land I need to sell, interested? Give me a break, no silly they want/need to confiscate all of our guns so the “We the People” have nothing to defend yourselves with when these bastards come after us if they were to ever get their way, they want to ban guns so badly, because they want to save lives right. At the same time all this is happening, they orchristrait school shootings all over the place, why, this is known as (PRS) Problem Reaction Solution, They cause the Problem, Get We the People to demand something be done, then present the solution they had in place before they started shooting up schools, it’s one of the oldest tricks in their play book of deception,  These people could care less whether you live or die, they want control and power is all they want and will stop at nothing to get it. They have killed president, they literally killed millions upon millions of people all over the world to get what they want, do you honestly think they care about you or me. Are the puzzle pieces coming together for you yet? Hey, don’t listen to me, I have information to share that’s all, I am nothing special, the information I share with you hear today is available to every man, woman and child, reminds me of a saying popular back in the day when I was a technician as a sort of funny for tech guys it said “Support Desk where we read the manual for you”  because in reality, that’s all tech support is, someone else reading the manual.. same thing here, I read, you research and come to your own conclusions.

I am not here to be anyone’s friend, I am not here to lead the way, I am here only to show you the door that you must then open on your own and find your own path, neither I or anyone can give you the truth, the truth has to be yours, if your simply following others then your just that, a follower, truth has to be learned by each and every individual, sure we can help guide others along the way, but ultimately, it’s the individuals responsibility and I cannot stress this fact enough how important this is

I will probably  be adding to this article as time permits or new information becomes available or to correct errors I might have made and I’m sure as heck I made some  LOL  I always do. Writing is not always me strong point, but I try.

There is nothing new under the sun other than the history you do not yet know…

By: Mark Whitney
April 5th, 2023


C_A’s Operation Mockingbird: Link
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