April 20, 2024
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Autophagy-Detoxifiing Your Body

The World’s Biggest Hidden Secret When It Comes To Healing & Detoxifying Your Body…

And Because It Doesn’t Cost Anything? Big Pharma Won’t Advertise It…

Autophagy | Introduction to Macroautophagy | Mechanism of Autophagy ...

Many of you have likely never encountered the word “Autophagy” or had it explained to you.

I know I hadn’t ever encountered it until just last year. And I consider myself a pretty well-read guy, so I was amazed I’d never encountered that word or had the concept described to me.

From my research, it became apparent that the entire nation of America would vastly benefit from learning about Autophagy and how to trigger that state in their bodies and stay in it for extended lengths of time.

What is Autophagy?

Autophagy is a cellular repair/replacement and detoxification mechanism built into your body that is triggered by being in a fasted state for around 24 hours.
Process of autophagy

That’s right! Your body has a wonderful built-in and designed mechanism to repair, heal, and detoxify itself at the cellular level.

But to trigger this amazing built-in mechanism just waiting to go active, you must do something first.


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Yeah, I know; in our hyper-consumer culture here in America, going one full 24-hour day without eating anything seems like a tall order. We’ll discuss that more in a minute.

To be clear, not eating anything for those 24 hours only triggers the START of the autophagy state. You must STAY in that state for at least several hours to begin to reap the real benefits.

The most incredible benefits of being in Autography kick in after you’ve triggered the state and stay in it for 48 to 60 hours after it’s started. After all, after fasting for 24 hours, you wouldn’t move to instantly end your fast right after having started your Autophagy.

So, what are the benefits of this Autophagy thing?

So Autophagy helps you clean and repair yourself at the cellular level, reset and strengthen your immune system, improve your body’s ability to remove waste, reduce stress and aging of your cells, lose fat, better absorb nutrients, reduce inflammation and the effects of chronic illnesses, and last but not least, prevent the formation of cancerous tumors made up of pathogens and broken, toxic cells.

Seems pretty important, then, right? Wouldn’t you hope everybody already knew about this and were utilizing it to become healthier?

Unfortunately, because there’s no money to be made by anyone in showing you this fantastic information about Autophagy, the information has never gone nationally viral.

Fake News, Big Ag, Big Pharma, and Big Med working with Big Gov’t always decide what goes viral and is highlighted to everyone in the country…and, more importantly, what isn’t. And they’ve never given the national spotlight to Autophagy.

Angry Doctor gets the SVT International treatment - TBI Vision
“Seriously, you want me to tell my patients to start FASTING?! How would I make any money off of that? What a dumb idea!”

Millions of people in America right now are 100% clueless about autophagy and what it can do for them.

Please help me change that by sharing the cited resources in this article with others.

My Journey To Practicing Autophagy Began With Intermittent Fasting

When I was 360 pounds in June of 2023, I was fasting only for the eight hours I was asleep every night. Weekly that translated to 56 hours of what I guess you could call a ‘sleeping fast.’ Which I broke shortly upon rising, usually with a big bowl of cereal.

Like millions of Americans, I ate multiple times per day. 3-4 times usually, at least two big meals and two snacks. I hardly ever went more than 4-5 hours when awake without eating.

This could be called ‘The Traditional US Meal System” that most of us in America grow up with and practice in our daily lives.

Under the traditional meal system of eating three meals daily with two snacks, I ate around five times a day during a 16-hour period.

Five eating times a day x 7 days a week = 35 eating times a week, which – if you are eating the Standard American Diet, as I was, with highly processed food products containing large amounts of refined carbs, sugars, and seed oils – translates to 35 potential blood sugar spikes weekly.

It’s essential to understand that your body treats the proteins, fats, and carbs in your food very differently during the digestive process. Proteins are not handled like fats, and carbs are not treated like proteins.

Your digestive system breaks down the essential elements of your food this way:

  1. Proteins are broken down into amino acids to be utilized in rebuilding/maintaining the body.
  2. Fats are broken down into fatty acids and play a vital role in the hormonal system, which regulates body functions.
  3. Carbohydrates are broken down into glucose, which provides the body with the power or energy every day to move and engage in physical activity.

While protein and fat are essential to survival as part of the daily diet, carbs are not. I want to emphasize that.


Please just read that several times until it fully sinks in.

You could go a year and not eat a single carbohydrate, and you’d survive just fine as long as you were eating enough protein and fat.

That is because when you need glucose for energy, your liver will actually CREATE it for you.

Yes, really.

It’s called gluconeogenesis. Look it up.

Just another amazing fact about your body that, for some reason, the Rockefeller-captured medical industry never gets around to telling you.

Let me translate the red underlined part of this medical research report for those of you in Rio Linda:

Even if you are eating plenty of protein and fat, when you aren’t ingesting enough carbs [or any carbs at all], your body considers itself to be in a ‘fasted state’ because it’s not finding carbs in the stomach or small intestines that it can metabolize for its daily energy needs.

If you go for an extended time without eating carbs, what will happen is that your liver will begin synthesizing [or creating] glucose itself. It will first synthesize this glucose from fat stored in the liver. For most people, this amount of stored fat in the liver will last the body for about fourteen days. Once the liver fat is depleted, if the fasting state continues, the liver begins synthesizing stored body fat into glucose and releasing it to be used as energy.

This is the critical sentence right here:

Fasting also promotes lipolysis in adipose tissue to release nonesterified fatty acids which are converted into ketone bodies in the liver though mitochondrial β oxidation and ketogenesis. Ketone bodies provide a metabolic fuel for extrahepatic tissues.

When your body isn’t finding enough carbs for an extended time to run itself on, it will – SURPRISE! – begin burning your stored adipose tissue for fuel. We all affectionally refer to that adipose tissue as “big ol’ sagging gut” and “love handles.”

Why Are My Love Handles Uneven? - www.themusclemaster.com

Hormones are released that cause your body to start converting adipose tissue into ketones, which are then synthesized by the liver into the needed glucose for your daily energy.

There are organs in the body, such as the brain, that need a regulated daily supply of glucose to function, and if you aren’t getting that glucose from your daily diet, well then! Your liver is going to have to start CREATING IT FOR YOU by synthesizing your stored body fat.

[Understand what I just showed you there – because it’s essential and will soon be the subject of its own column. If you eat more than just a few grams of carbs daily, your body will NEVER [as in ‘never EVER!] begin burning its stored body fat for fuel. Yet you’d be astounded to see how many people slogging away on a treadmill or peddling like mad on an exercise bike don’t know this! They’re still eating 50, 80, or 120 grams of carbs daily, thinking they’re ‘burning fat’ doing all that cardio. But they’re not. They are running in place, and they don’t even know it. Because nobody told them.]

Fat Guy Running (to funny music) - YouTube
“Good thing the 80+ carbs I had for breakfast in my orange juice, oatmeal, and wheat toast gives me plenty of energy as I burn all this fat by exercising!”

Since it’s evident that people are getting far too much of SOMETHING in the Standard American Diet [SAD] that is causing this massive wave of diabesity in America, the people making fantastic profits off of proffering the SAD to the American public have decided to point the finger at essential FAT rather than non-essential CARBS. In other words, for money, they’ve decided to give people a false cause for the diabesity.

How evil is that?

The health/medical/science ‘experts’ in government agencies have spent decades encouraging Americans to dramatically cut down on their fat consumption while encouraging the increased consumption of carbohydrates.

Yet fat is an ESSENTIAL nutrient; if you are deficient in it and do not consume enough, your body – especially your hormonal system – will struggle and encounter many problems.

It is incredibly easy to overeat on the ‘3 big meals with snacks daily’ SAD system and create excess body fat regularly.

A Personal Note:

When I switched to a [O]ne [M]eal [A] [D]ay [OMAD] system last September that included Intermittent Fasting [IF], reducing my eating times per week from 35 to 7, that led to an elimination of 28 weekly eating times.

I had been eating far more than 30 grams of carbs every damn day when I was following the SAD. It was probably around 60 to 80 grams a day. And since highly processed fake food is chock full o’ wheat, corn, sugar, and seed oils? It was all carb-heavy. I was spiking my blood sugar level like a yo-yo multiple times a day. These were mostly the ‘healthy’ whole grain carbs from wheat bread, bagels, bran/fiber cereals and bars, and even Weight Watchers snacks.

I want to emphasize that the number of blood sugar spikes I gave my digestive system went from 35 a week down to only 7, an elimination of 28 weekly blood sugar spikes.

From September to now, I’ve lost 60+ pounds of body fat, taking my weight from 345 to 292 pounds.

Trust Me, Fasting Is Not As Bad As It Sounds

Now, because many people have gone all their lives in a ‘3 big meals with snacks in between’ system, they hear about an intermittent fasting program that reduces their weekly eating from 35 meals to just 7, and they faint dead away. I get told no one could survive just eating seven meals a week.

This is because the SAD, with its high refined carb & seed oil levels, has “programmed” you to be hungry every 3-4 hours. If you miss a single meal on the SAD, I know what that feels like very well. So when people on the SAD try to imagine going 20, 24, 36, 48, or even 72 hours without eating, they immediately imagine the intense hunger pangs they’d feel if they attempted to do that.

Shocked Black Man Holding Wall Clock Over White Background Stock Image ...
“OMG, my feeding window doesn’t open for another 4 hours?! I’ll never make it!”

Once you ditch all the processed foods in your pantry and start eating only natural one-ingredient foods at a reduced number of meals per day, you will only struggle with the carb/seed oil addiction for a short time, likely only 7-14 days.

If I can do it, anybody can do it. When I was a sugar-addicted kid, I’d scoop 2-3 spoonfuls of table sugar into a bowl of Grape Nuts to make it sweet enough for me. After about nine days, my refined carb cravings went away, and they haven’t come back since.

Are We Really Designed To Eat 4-6 Times A Day?

My research shows me that the human digestive system, constantly subjected to frequent feeding every day of 4-6 feeding sessions, is placed under significant unnecessary stress, especially if the food being consumed during these frequent feeding sessions is toxic and of inferior quality.

Not only are Americans now surrounded by very poor-quality food, but they are also gorging themselves on this poor, substandard food by eating it far too many times a day.

Not only are we not designed to thrive and be healthy while eating 4-6 times a day, spiking our blood sugar levels that many times, but our digestive systems are also being overburdened and stressed from the poor-quality food we’ve been eating, processed products full of refined carbohydrates, sugars, and seed oils.

Those experts seeking to convince you that it’s too much animal fat in your diet that is causing you to gain body fat and start suffering from chronic illnesses are trying to take the spotlight off the toxic processed food full of sugars, wheat, corn, and seed oils.

Ask yourself the right question and start following the money: “Why are they doing that?”

Why Big Gov’t, Big Pharma, Big Med & Big Food Downplay/Ignore Intermittent Fasting & Autophagy

Given everything I just told you about how a low-carb diet is efficacious for losing body fat, the benefits of Intermittent Fasting, and the wonders of Autophagy, you may be asking yourself, “Why has nobody ever gotten around to explaining any of this to me before?”

Well, that’s easy.

Because there was no money to be made by anybody telling you about it.

How do you monetize telling people to do something as simple as NOT EATING FOR 24-72 HOURS that doesn’t involve an expensive new drug, a costly surgery, or an exclusive line of supplements?

“Behold, my awesome new Autography product for only $299.99!”

Look at the sudden big advertising push to get millions of Americans to ask their doctors to prescribe Ozempic. It’s a perfect example of what I’m discussing here. Because it clearly displays the myopic tunnel vision of the medical industry in this country.

Rather than address the root cause of the massive diabesity epidemic, the mass population insulin resistance, and metabolic syndrome, what are they enthusiastically doing instead? And the government is ALLOWING them to do it?

They’re hyping a new super-expensive injection you must take once a week for the rest of your life. An injection with significant complications that already is causing many patients to stop taking it, and on top of that, when you stop taking the weekly injections, all the weight you lost comes right back.

Why do that when all they really have to do is help people change their diet, which is the real root cause of diabesity?

And here’s where I tie together the last couple of columns I did on these issues: they’re hiding and dissembling about what the root cause is for diabesity as they point the finger at animal fat, or they mumble that they don’t know and maybe it is just some kind of genetic thing.

Having avoided telling you the truth, all the cash registers of the medical industry can continue to go CA-CHING!

Clueless senior health care professional doctor shrug shoulders ⬇ Stock ...
“Hey, maybe its just your genes, didja ever consider that?! Now take this expensive drug for the rest of your life!”

So, Hell no, the same medical/health/science ‘experts’ out there aren’t about to start educating you about Autophagy or Intermittent Fasting and help you practice them any more than they’re going to tell all the patients they are now eagerly trying to sign up for Ozempic shots the real root cause of the diabesity they’ve been struggling with for most of their lives.


For your health and the health of your family and your loved ones.

After all, once you’ve discovered the medical/science/health authority figures you once implicitly trusted and listened to all your life have been lying to you and hiding things from you, what is the wisest course of action for you to take?

To keep listening to them? To sit on your ass and patiently wait for them to bring up Intermittent Fasting or Autophagy? [Like that would ever happen!]

Or to start educating yourself and finding doctors and health professionals who are honest and will help you improve your health, rather than simply selling you pills?

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