April 20, 2024
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The Sugar Industry Has A Lot To Answer For

The Sugar Industry Has A Lot To Answer For

In the 1960’s it was already paying medical researchers to blame animal fat for what sugar consumption was causing. And doctors still run interference for the sugar lobby today

Diabesity - Our New 21st Century Social Epidemic — Get Your Lean On

The most significant proof that the quacks wearing white coats with “M.D.” after their names running around **insisting** to everyone that it’s way far too much ANIMAL FAT in the American diet that’s caused the explosion of diabesity in this country are evil propagandists? I’ll be quite happy to show you.

Once you see it, you can’t UNsee it.

This video below is from the deceptive propaganda film on Netflix called “What The Health?!”.

In one of my recent columns, I discussed why the ‘explanation’ that it’s Americans eating too much ANIMAL FAT that’s caused the massive wave of diabetes, obesity, metabolic syndrome & chronic illnesses is not only NONSENSICAL, it’s outright EVIL.

And everybody spreading that ‘explanation’ is a bad person, and they should feel bad about themselves.

Three guys who really should feel bad about themselves for claiming the US diabesity epidemic is being caused by Americans eating too much meat & animal fat

Because it’s overdosing on refined carbs like wheat, corn, and sugar, along with seed oils that are killing millions of people around the world every year. Not their eating meat or animal fat.

The Sugar, Wheat, Corn, and Seed Oil lobbies and their captive doctors know this, and not only are they not warning anyone, but to protect their profits, they’re actively engaging in a deception campaign to get the public to look in the wrong direction.

Doctors and medical health ‘experts’ have been taking the sugar lobby’s money for decades to do this evil practice, to point away from what’s really causing the diabesity crisis in this country by actively misleading as many people as possible into blaming the wrong thing for the crisis.

Listen to this doctor in the above video calmly explaining that the reason we have a diabesity epidemic in this country is that not enough Americans are Vegans. It appears to be his sincere belief that the millions of Americans struggling with diabesity are eating too much meat and animal fat.

Advice like this, to avoid meat and animal fat in the diet, has been going on for decades. It’s nothing new.

Americans **listened** to these dietary ‘experts’ back in the 1970s through the 1990s when they launched their jihad against animal fat and red meat. The public was told, based on supposedly ‘scientific research’ that meat and fat were causing the growing numbers of heart attacks, strokes, and other cardiovascular diseases and chronic illnesses that were suddenly on the rise.

They heeded the supposedly science-based advice to cut down on eating meat and cooking with animal fats.

Did that slow anything down or not? Did the rising rates of obesity & diabetes slow down?


Or did Americans keep getting fatter, coming down with diabetes, and being riddled with chronic ailments and illnesses?


Americans eating LESS animal fat and meat since then did NOT arrest the growing trends of diabesity and chronic illnesses. The trends increased quite dramatically.


But while they were cutting down on eggs, red meat, and bacon and stopped cooking with butter, tallow, and lard, they were **also** following the ‘expert advice’ they were given to consume MORE refined carbs such as wheat, corn and sugar in processed food products that are also chock full of seed oils.

That tells you right there animal fat is not the cause of the explosion of diabesity, heart attacks, metabolic syndrome, and insulin resistance.

When people take the time to research this themselves, they discover WHO IT WAS, who PAID for those ‘scientific studies’ in days of yore that convinced everybody to look away from SUGAR as the culprit.



The New York Times report states that this has been known since 2016. A researcher at the University of California-San Francisco discovered a cache of documents that were published in JAMA.

What those documents revealed was stunning. In 1967, a sugar industry group called The Sugar Research Foundation handsomely rewarded Harvard medical researchers for ‘finding’ in a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine that the growing trends of obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases seen in America were caused by animal-based diets.

WHY did they HIDE who UNDERWROTE that ‘scientific study’ by these Harvard ‘scientists’ for 50 years?

I’d give you THREE guesses, but you’ll only need ONE, won’t you?

[Of course, there’s always a chance they meant to tell everybody who funded the 1967 ‘fat causes CVD’ study that came out of Harvard, but it just slipped their minds, and they forgot to let everyone know this. Then, the evidence was lost in the sands of time and only recently rediscovered. Yes, it’s POSSIBLE. But it seems far more likely that this documentation demonstrating who paid these Harvard researchers to ‘find’ what the Sugar industry wanted them to find was deliberately buried at the time.]

Embrace the full horror of what happened here: The people who ran the Sugar industry FULLY REALIZED BEFORE ANYBODY ELSE DID what was happening to people who ate their sugar as a regular part of their diet. They could see what was coming, even as they created and brought to market products containing larger and larger amounts of sugar in them.

By 1967, they could SEE what was happening, how people were getting fatter, unhealthy, and sick from eating processed foods with sugar in them.

So back in the FREAKING 1960s, they were ALREADY ON THE JOB, fixing fake medical/health/science research studies to make DAMN SURE nobody looks at THEM once exploding rates of diabesity & chronic illnesses got so prevalent that everybody could see it.


Understand: look at the graphs from earlier again.


They knew what was going to happen. As more people, especially kids, were raised to eat processed foods full of sugar, wheat, corn syrup, and seed oils, it did not catch them by surprise.

And they took STEPS.

VERY CAREFUL STEPS…to ENSURE…everybody LOOKED IN THE **WRONG FREAKING DIRECTION** when they began demanding to know what was causing the sudden explosion of diabesity.

And today, even at THIS LATE STAGE, the Sugar/Wheat/Corn/Seed Oil lobbies are still sending out their captured propaganda doctors. to look you square in the eye and insist sugar, wheat, seed oils, and excess glucose in the diet is NOT causing any of this.

They continue to claim, just as they have for decades, that it is the increasing levels of ANIMAL FAT people have been consuming since the 1960s.

Only there WASN’T ANY INCREASING LEVEL OF ANIMAL FAT consumed by Americans since the 1960s.

Consumption of animal fat/meat was stable, and then it actually went DOWN starting in the 1970s when the ‘low fat’ craze hit because these goons used fake ‘health’ studies where they paid off the scientists to point the finger at animal fat and not sugar.

Just TWO FREAKING YEARS AGO, these same Sugar/Wheat/Corn/Seed Oil captured ‘dieticians/nutritionists’ were at a big event at the White House where they proudly and loudly rolled out their new ‘Food Pyramid,’ which they’d spent YEARS and MILLIONS OF DOLLARS producing.

From the book “Unholy Trinity” by author Daniel Trevor

That new ‘expert’ Food Pyramid claimed all that sugar/corn/wheat/seed oil-filled crap in the top row of the picture below is HEALTHIER for your kids than the real food in the bottom row.


Are you paying attention yet? There are medical experts out there giving Americans awful advice about diet, either because they are vegan fanatics or because Big Food has bought them off. For whatever reason, they are deliberately steering kids and adults away from eating real food into thinking processed crap is actually better for them.

How in the world anybody takes this guy seriously is beyond me.

Despite the relentless propaganda being directed at them for decades, the American public appears to be waking up and realizing the ‘experts’ have been misleading them about both sugar and fat.

Making an honest mistake is bad enough. But the evidence demonstrates to me that starting in 1967, with large amounts of cold, hard cash changing hands, this was anything but an honest mistake. An evil industry that could already see where things were headed took concrete steps to protect itself and hide its culpability even as it continued to put ever-increasing amounts of literal poison into a massive number of products in the American food market.

Massive reforms are needed for the American food industry. Health activist Calley Means listed some of those reforms in a recent interview with journalist Tucker Carlson.

The sugar industry has pretty much gotten a free ride in this country. Hopefully, that will change in the near future during a second Trump administration, when steps can be taken to reverse what’s been happening now that more of the American public is being alerted to the acts of scientific fraud done to shield Big Food from accountability.

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