May 22, 2024
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DFI – Trans Agenda

What is DEI?


this writing offers only a quick overview of some of the core problems and issues associated with what I call the (DFI agenda) if you are interested  in a more detailed look into some finer details, I would highly suggest to you that we talk about it, you may contact me for this purpose, I would also highly recommend that everyone do their own research for themselves on the inner webs and gather your own findings so this way, you can gain your own knowledge and understanding about this and other agendas that may or may not be associated with this topic and then come to your own conclusions of how our world actually functions, who are the instigators and perhaps even more importantly… the why.

Just be careful of any information on the WWW you find, keep in mind that we are at war and part of this war involves (information) we find within the confines of our digital wasteland known as the WWW that involve  purposeful disinformation that gets scattered all over the place in order to hinder the truth whatever that may be, this is done in order to muddy muddying the waters to offer plausible deniability, these types of insertions are written sometimes by seemingly good sources, sometimes by bots and sometime be seemingly good but stupid people, let’s be honest. so, try and validate any findings you come across with at least 3 separate sources, if possible, all 3 sources don’t need to be the same word for word, but the general conclusion should be relatively close in their conclusions.

Lastly use and build upon your own discernment, discernment can be a very nuanced theme and for this reason it’ can be somewhat tricky to navigate, it’s easier for some of us than others, the ability to discern usually comes with age and experience, I too get it wrong sometimes, not on purpose, but sometimes my own bias’s and ego get in the way and so it’s important that we keep ourselves in check, some dis or mis-information is better at deception and deceit than others and so everything deserve scrutiny including me.

“A lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is still putting on its shoes.”                                                                                         ~ Mark Twain

Differences between Disinformation and Misinformation

Disinformation stems from a place of purposeful deceit while Misinformation comes from error in judgment and faults beliefs and or bias’s we all have and while in either case the information is bad and cause all sorts of issues, Disinformation comes from a more sinister place, Misinformation comes from an unknowing, ignorance and this is usually caused by our bias’s and ego, these traits need to be honed, were all human so check any bias and or ego you may have at the door.

Just be as open minded and honest with yourself as possible, humans are a funny breed and can cause all sorts of unintended consequences and allow themselves to  come to faults or inaccurate conclusions.


DEI, an acronym for Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion, initially appears as a noble pursuit. However, a deeper examination reveals a more complex and potentially troubling reality. These initiatives, often integrated into various institutions like schools, corporations, and governments, serve as veils for deeper, often more sinister agendas. It becomes evident upon closer inspection that these ideologies, particularly when enforced in educational settings where indoctrination is prevalent, raise legitimate concerns.


The question arises: how do such agendas gain traction, and who is orchestrating them? Money, the driving force behind much of the world’s operations, holds significant influence. Entities such as the Federal Reserve, the IMF, the World Bank, and notably, Blackrock, wield immense financial power, with Blackrock alone managing trillions of dollars globally. While their investment activities initially seem benign, deeper scrutiny reveals a pattern: compliance with certain agendas is required to access funding. Non-compliance risks financial ruin. This coercive dynamic underscores a larger issue of control and manipulation.


This system operates under the guise of progress and inclusivity but harbors ulterior motives. The ultimate goal, it seems, is global domination. However, achieving this requires subtlety and gradual infiltration, lest the true intentions be exposed prematurely. Tactics include media manipulation, infiltration of educational systems, and even coercion through blackmail or other means. This orchestration is not a mere theory; it’s a reality perpetuated by powerful entities with vested interests.


Take, for instance, the sudden surge in transgender activism. This seemingly organic movement coincides suspiciously with the demands imposed by financiers like Blackrock. Compliance with pronoun and transgender agendas becomes a prerequisite for funding, effectively blackmailing institutions into submission. This manipulation operates in the shadows, earning the moniker “Deep State” for its clandestine nature.


The pervasiveness of these agendas, from transgender rights to climate change advocacy, underscores a common strategy: division. By pitting groups against each other and sowing internal discord, these entities maintain control. This tactic serves their overarching goal of global dominance, this is especially true inside US borders, why do you think open boarders is so important to the deep state?


While some may dismiss these observations as conspiracy theories, the truth remains elusive to those unwilling to delve beneath the surface. The mainstream media, complicit in perpetuating these narratives, further obscures reality. Those who dare to challenge the status quo are labeled as conspiracists, conveniently discredited by a system designed to maintain its grip on power and control, control of the narrative.


Yet, amidst the chaos many of us are now witnessing, there are glimpses of hope as the population is awakening. Individuals willing to question the narrative and seek truth independently represent a glimmer of hope. The journey toward enlightenment may be arduous, but it is essential for reclaiming autonomy and dismantling the facade of deception.


In conclusion, the pursuit of DEI masks a deeper agenda of control and manipulation by powerful entities. It’s imperative to confront these realities, challenge the narrative, and reclaim sovereignty over our lives and institutions. Only then can we break free from the shackles of deception and forge a path towards genuine progress and unity.


Trans, Pronouns, Climate Change, Global Warming, the US Boarder, Food, Big Pharma, Education, Courts, Police, Politicians on both sides all play a role in the creation of these agendas, some more than others, in some cases, there are good people doing good things who find themselves caught up in systems that are surrounded by nasty no-good-ers causing the process to be sometimes slow, but we seem to be making advancements in our resolve step by agonizing step

To better understand what humanity as a whole is up against, watch this video, it will give you glimpse into an occult, demonic world that until now, many of you had no idea even existed. Fact is, most of us watch Movies and shows for their entertainment value, sadly most people don’t truly understand what their watching, there are countless examples of demonic rituals and black magic scenes being played out right in front of you because most of it to the naked eye is all hidden in plain sight.

*** WARNING *** once you see it, you can’t unsee it, knowledge is sometimes life changing, my hope is that you leave this page with a new understanding and perspective on what’s really going on, I believe it’s only though better understanding is how we as a collective will be able to begin repairing all the damage that’s been done. Sometimes, it’s overwhelming and heart wrenching because I see so many souls who have lost their way.

I have mentioned countless times, we are at war, no this war is not being fought with guns, planes, missiles and all that, this is an information war, it’s gone digital and its also physiological warfare. I’m not a big fan of Alex Jones, but I did take note of the tag line he always used “There is a war on for your mind” and boy oh boy let me just say… no truer words have been spoken.


Always remember, nothing is as it appears to be on the surface, in order to see, you sometimes have to go into the abyss. Joseph Campbell wrote “It’s only by going down into the abyss that you can recover the treasures of life, where you stumble, their lays your treasure, the very cave you are afraid to enter turns out to be the source of what you were looking for”


But you have to go deeper then staying on the surface, the surface is where all the noise, distractions and nonsense is, you have to dig down in into the many multiple layers to get to the root of the causes. You’re never going to find it in MSM or on the surface level alone. The choice is on you. You decide, we can show you the door but it’s going to be up to you to open it. Think of me as technical support, what we really say to customers when answering the phone is technical support, we read the manual for you, how can I help you today?  It’s the same when it comes to truth seeking, it’s heavy and time consuming. And we understand not everyone has the time to take the big dives Like some of us have. For whatever reason, I have been gifted with the time needed.

An English man Alister Crowly who wrote many books and studied human sexuality where his subject were with about 300 children, Dr. Alfred Kinsey was a fan of Crowley’s the two men met at Crowley’s rented house in England in 1947 where they exchanged and shared ideas about sexuality, it was Kinsey  who then heavily influenced the founder of the Playboy Mansion in California,  Hugh Hefner and later it’s well known that it was Kinsey and Hefner who instigated the porn industry as we know it today as they finally got it legalized in the United States.

It is said that online porn content is responsible for about 40% of the total global internet usage today with around 44 billion hits per/year on average.  this is bigger than all of Hollywood, Bollywood the entertainment industry, NBC, ABC, CBS and Fox combined.

Is this the downfall for humanity? is this the work of Demonic entities or Satin himself, it appears that way, perhaps this is why there is an ongoing and constant war against God

There are many videos and documents showing us a lot of evil things, go to the channel where the above video was listed and they have many videos about Hollywood’s occult world of rituals and demonic entities. I have seen many and there are of course many other sources for this type of information as well. I think at this stage, if you chose to ignore this and continue play some role within these industries, then you are part of the problem in my eyes because you are willingly, knowingly playing a part in it, however, you can redeem yourself at any time, were all human and we all make mistakes and you can be forgiven.

It’s a deep dark subject, but this is what we as a whole are up against, this is the war we are battling, maybe now you can understand why Hollywood and the entire Entertainment Industrial Complex and deep State players are after Donald. J, Trump relentlessly. between him and General Flynn, they know where all the bodies are buried (figure of speech).

At the end of the days, just keep in mind, were all just watching a movie playout, actors are a required necessity in making a good movie and were all actors on a global stage, the question I have for you is… what role are you playing?


A satanic entity known as Baphomet, Baphomet is said to be part man, part woman and part beast, a  representation of demonic being or entity, these types of rituals take place in order to bring creatures like this from the dark side to in order to bring this dark order into our world, one of the attributes of dark energy, it needs a constant flow of worshipers in order to survive, Hollywood just so happens to be a perfect place.

You have probably seen such rituals take place in plain sight such as at football halftime shows, its shown in movies as well as the music arena, Madonna is known for putting on satanic shows and so has many other performers such as Britney Spears. Hollywood is rife with such rituals and it’s becoming more obvious each day,it seems the dark side went from operating souly in the dark and is now operating in the light for all to see, they no longer are hiding just beyound the shadows. today this has a lot of peope talking and wondering what the hell is going on. sadly I’m not sure we have seen the worst of what these entities have done yet and I believe it’s going to get a lot uglier as the flood gates open.

This is one of the reasons we see many well-known actors on the big screen wearing dresses, they tell us it’s for comedy, but in truth, these are rituals, if an actor refuses to participate in this type of ritual, they will be out cast from ever performing again, many will submit because their desire to gain popularity is stronger then their will to reject these types of rituals. So, you know by their actions who quite literally sold their soul to the devil in exchange for fame. Are you starting to see why Hollywood is so bizarre and corrupted.

It seems the entire system is all coming crashing down, between all the WOKE crap, satanic rituals, finanial down turn, writers strike and everything going wrong, it has no choice but to toally collapes, this is going to take some time it won’t happen over night, but anyone can seethe trends of what all these effects are having aginst it, how it all plays out exactly, who knows, we might see some ripplr type effects where it may go though periods of regaining some its momentum and then another down turn periods. all we know for sure is that somthing is clearly happening,

In my personal opinion, hollywood or a centeralized studios type system is no longer needed and we can now see new trends emerging such as some far superior creaters thoughout the world creating their craft independent of The Entertainment Industrial Complex, I won’t mention any names here but most of you can think of any number of independent creators. if you have not, I would seek them out as their most amazing some of the work they have doon, but I believe this is what’s helping to usering in new ways to ge independent artist and their work out into the public square, like it or not, believe it or not, our world is changing, and the way I see it is either we move with it or die in the old world that no longer functions in any sort of viable way. it seems were right in the middle of a transformation of hoe humanity manages itself.

Well now you know. Thankfully, this year and next seems to be the time for most if not all this satanic crap gets exposed, did you really think Jeffery Epstein and ole fat boy in Hollywood, producer guy, what’s his name…. oh yeah…Harvey Weinstein where the only ones? Hell no, that not even the tip of the iceberg when it comes to these satanic rituals, it’s all coming out, as people like P-Diddy are being exposed these trends will only continue until Hollywood will no longer exist. At least not in the same form it is at this moment, when all is said and done, these revelations are probably going to upset their reality because so many people worship these beings in Holly-Wired, what happens when people find out one or many of their favorite Actors/Actresses are actually worshipping their satanic gods in exchange for fame, what then? For me, it’s going to be very entertaining to watch and witness as this all plays out.  This year is most likely going to become more and more crazy and chaotic as we arrive towards the conclusion. of this year, I’ve personally been ready for this a very long time.

How it all this demonic empier plays out exactly is anyone’s guess

There is so much more to all this than what meets the eye, maybe I’ll share more in the coming days. For now, you should have enough to keep your mind simming and what appears to be an endless ocean of discovery.

Here is one more video showing how Holly-Weird treats people who desire to make it big, remember, no one in this industry makes it to the top without satisfying these rituals.

All this should by now give you clear evidence of how this system work and why we have all these sick perversions especially in the gay community that has clearly been highjacked big time. connect these dots and it will keep you entertained for a very long time. again, when it comes to all these satanic worshipping sell outs, nothing is as it appears to be on the surface. it’s all hidden in plain sight.  truth is stranger than fiction.



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