April 20, 2024
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TV Programing

Everything you see on your Tel-lie-vision (TV) is a scripted performance with the purpose of shaping your world view to benefit the powerful interest running the show.  The Term Propaganda is key to unlocking this knowledge so that you can understand what’s happening on a mass scale.

Operation Mockingbird

The CIA’s “Operation Mockingbird” for example started back in the mid 50’s the CIA started infiltrating TV, Newspapers, Magazines, Books and Hollywood, not all of them but many. As it turns out, it’s been a very successful operation that did exactly as intended, hides truth and keep’s it’s audience in the dark.  Today this propaganda can be found everywhere, it’s the reason there is so much confusion in this world.


The CIA also performed other sinister operations such as mind control on humans, they at one time moved this operations of this to Canada in order to prevent or hide these sinister operations from the general public, but this too was part of the MK-Ultra program, MK-Ultra actually started back in Nazi Germany although it was a much more barbaric operation bank in the early days,  today it might be a bit more humane although many argue that it’s still very evil but they use computers and wires to perform these mind control techniques and operations.

Back in the days of Hitler, they used fairly severe torture and sleep deprivations in order to split individual personalizes into multiple or split  personalities in order to get some of these individuals to perform certain task when they received their trigger, these triggers could come in the form of anything such as a particular noise or action, this might come in the form of a phone call, a word or a combination of triggers or actions, the person(s) mind controlled once triggered would them perform a  pre planted or pre-programed task. Such as murder, a shooting or even cause a fire. Who knows what.

We have all heard about all this seemingly random shootings right, have you ever wondered where all these various school shootings come from all of a sudden? Well like it or not, believe it or not, MK-Ultra probably plays a significant role in many of these types of events, not all but many, it’s what has become known as a “faults flag” operations or event, we call them faults flag because, contrary to popular belief, these are real happenings in that people really did get hurt and even killed during these events, however as in many of these cases, the reason is not the excuse the MSM tells us they are, they always tell us that it’s some radical on the left or on the right, or sometimes it’s some lone crazy person. But it’s most often none of these things, sometimes maybe sure, but these fabricated tactics are designed and used for many purposes. It is after all called a program. Think about that.

One of the main reasons and most popular is Gun Control, what’s the first thing they “the establishment says every time, we have got to ban guns, this talking point happens every time there is one of these shootings, Coincidence? I think not, this can be recognized very easily if your able to recognize patterns.  There is a name for this it’s called (PRS) or Problem Reaction Solution. Those who create the event use it to get the public to demand a response, once the response occurs and the people demand action, those who created the situation in the first place then bring out their pre planed pre-written solution which was drawn up long before the event took place.

People are resistant when they hear information like this, it’s understandable to a point, but I would hope by now more people would be aware, after all, it’s been the same playbook now for decades. (PATTERENS)

It’s a sick game by some very sick individuals who happen to be in high places and they are hell bent on confiscating America’s Guns why? Well, this should be fairly self-evident, what these control freaks need is a totally defenseless population so they can then step in and demand anything they want from you and you then have no way to defend yourself, it’s at this point you are free as long as you do as they demand,  it should be fairly obvious.

Sadly, there are still many who either refuse to see this or think if they go along and advocate for this and demand that everyone in America turn in your guns that they will somehow be saved from them, but this is a really bad and sad assumption. Tyrants could care less about you.

It’s sad because if those people who refuse understood history at all, they would know that tyrants could care less about them and as soon as they get what they want, they will toss you to the curb so fast it would make your face spin off. Like I say, this is a real bad assumption if this is you. Evil has no limit as to what it will do as long as it gets its way. This is why it’s so hard to understand why many good people fall for this tactic. They truly don’t understand what their dealing with, like it or not, we are at war with demonic entities and this is what war looks like in our modern times.

Evil knows the human condition, they know we are emotional beings and they use these tactics because they know those who operate emotionally will react in ways that benefit their own ways and favor and then advocate for what the devil wants, those who operate in a more logic-based mind will respond against these tactics and call it out for the BS that it is, were fairly good at seeing right thought it. As a result, we are in this constant battle between ourselves when we should actually all be working together against our common enemy, instead what we have is one side will argue the other until the cows come home and nothing will ever come of it. We can never come together and your masters know this, it’s why it works so well. The one thing they fear the most is all of joining together on common ground.

Propaganda is very successful and people are too stupid to see it, and this is the real shame in all this. It’s really so simple, but because divide and concur and propaganda works so well, it seems to have a strangle hold on logic and all we do is infight with each other making the situation worse in the long run. I believe at some point humanity will finally come together but at hat cost? How many innocent lives will have to be lost, how bad will it need to get before this happens, I don’t have the answers, I am  at a loss about this as anyone. Perhaps we need a real big massive totally devastating event to get people’s attention, I don’t know what it will take.

It reminds me of Coke and Pepsi, these two companies can spend hundreds of millions of dollars on advertising and never gain a single sale, why? Because people who like Coke will buy Coke and people who like Pepsi will buy Pepsi, in the end all that money is a waste, same with gun control divide. Very seldom do we see someone against guns all of a sudden change their view, it does happen on occasion but the human mind is a really odd thing as it turns out. It’s actually quite mind boggling if you ask me, but hey, I’m bias.
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