May 22, 2024
Freedom Walker


Anon – Intelligence

How Anon’s (bakers) that came out of the Q Board on 4chan pulled off an incredible detective act, this is what they did.

Shia LaBeouf put up a flag that said “He Will Not Divide Us” and then had a live stream on the side of a building in NYC where you could go and look at it as it’s waving in the breeze, well they found the fucking flag, the way they found it was genius, what they did is they found out where it is by looking at the STARS, they looked at the fucking stars and they figured out where the general area was through triangulation, once they found the general area, they had one of their members drive around with a car and beep the horn so they could hear the horn on the video camera so they could tell when they got close, they then found the precise location and went to the flag, took down the “HE WILL NOT DIVID US” flag  and replaced it with a “Make America Great Again” Hat and a PEPE the frog flag up in it’s place then one member goes up to the camera and says,  “Fuck Shia LaBeouf” that was the got’ah moment.

These guys are animals.

Now the interesting thing about this story is that our own intelligence agencies could have also done this type of investigation except is would probably cost us millions of dollars and countless weeks or months, and yet, Anons (bakers) did this in less than 48 hours for the price of a tank of gas.

I use the term Anons purposely because the mindless talking heads on MSM will always use the term “QAnons” this is how you know they don’t really know what their talking about, their job is to discredit anything to do with the Q operation, they don’t care about the proper terms as long as their negativity and brainwashing works on their viewers.

The video below shows yuo what basically happened and why


There is “Q” and their are “Anons” but their is no such thing as QAnon, this is a MSM term that has no basis in reality. after all, we all know the MSM is nothing more than a PROPAGANDA Machine right? so why would this topic be any different?

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