April 20, 2024
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General Guidelines for Concideration

General Guidelines for your Consideration while interacting with Auditors, Citizens, Everyone

Remember your place and what each of our roles are and who pays who, like it or not, public employees are the servants and citizens are the masters, that’s the way this country was founded, its nothing new, fact is, there is nothing new under the sun other than the history you do not yet know.

When dealing with Auditors, COP watchers or any freedom loving American for that matter, we explore you to try and keep the following guidelines fresh in your memory, you may print, save and share the PDF version of this to pass around and use it as a general reference and refresher. PDF Version available at the bottom of this page.

The below lists some common items that may offer you the help needed in creating a more comfortable and compatible working environment for everyone while you’re on duty at your government job, no matter if you’re the janitor or the President of these United States, these guidelines apply to you.

First Up…

Posting Signage

  • It’s become apparent after watching hundreds of auditing videos  that many public employees have this misconception that they can make up rules at their own will, sorry, but this is not how society was organized, we have rules and procedures in lace to handle these type of decision, it’s called DUE PROCESS administered by the legislature.
  • In order for any signage to be legally/lawfully binding it must have an ordinance or legal code associated with it, in other words, it must go tough the legislative process in order for it to become fully functional law and a legal binding document before such request can be enforced otherwise, you may ask citizens to comply to these types of signs, just be aware that your request can be respectfully and lawfully declined as the FAKE rule has no standing in fact, these types of activity are almost always based on someone’s personal feelings.
  • An individual no matter the rank can’t just go around posting handmade or printed signs and paste them on the walls and or  doors at will and expect anyone oof logical mind to be abided by it, least not by any sane or logical thinking and studied auditor that happens to stroll in at random,  we must inform you that this type of behavior is actually considered unlawful activity and may be met with hostility, under the right circumstances, things like this are what could very well lead you to being challenged on this in a court of law, many of these cases often ends up costing hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars for your community, if truth be known, people who partake in this type of activity should be addressed ASAP because they are clearly a liability for your Town/City or State costing tax payers valuable resources and money. Money that could be used for far more meaningful things for the constituents.
  • Anyone can make a sign that says almost anything imaginable, however nothing written on any of these signs means anything without first getting all the proper authority of the legislature to enact it, Auditors already know this, others like myself know this, unfortunately, many of our employees and citizens don’t, this once again is why the Auditors job is so vitally important, but the auditor’s job at least in part is to help protect those who are less informed and educated and help bring awareness to the public about all these policy violations, crimes and corruption taking place everywhere. We have either got to bite this in the butt now, or start over. What will you do?

sadly. the only ones who ever really suffer due to these types of antics are “We the People” remember, everything is subject to being challenged though the proper channels and process, it’s not only our right, it’s our duty, our freedom is demanded not given, we do not require permission to be free, it’s our inalienable right. remember this.


We must all not forget that Freedom has never been free, it’s been a never-ending battle since the very inception of this nation and its most likely not going to change anytime soon, this is the pendulum that has swung back and forth since the very beginning of our nation’s founding, this is also known as the “Balance of Power”. Some people working in government unfortunately have somehow  gotten the silly idea that an unchecked power tripping government employee have some sort of magical powers over “We the People” I can assure you that this is a fallacy that needs to be removed from your memory ASAP, we assure you this is not the case, no one working in government from janitor to President of these United States can single handedly make new law period, if you work as a government employee, you work for “We the People” not some make believe nonsensical political party line. which from the looks of things is loosely based on the idea that it’s really just a two party one headed snake? Complete with the illusion of choice… yeah, we know.

It doesn’t take much of an imagination to realize that the majority of our nation people know or at least believes that governments almost always attempt going rouge for private gain, the level of corruption we see going on today from coast to coast shows us just how close were getting to becoming completely out of control and over time could very well lead us to some fairly tumultuous times ahead, this would either be a tragedy or perhaps a miracle. Thus, we will have to wait and see how all this plays out. Right now, it seems like it’s a game of moves and counter moves, a game of thrones anyone??? Game now in play LOL

These ideas and concepts are nothing new, governments all over this globe have gone through very similar scheme’s, think it can’t happen here? Think again, loo around, if you can’t see it, your either dumb, blind or very ignorant, or perhaps just part of the problem, who are you?

The level of corruption we are witnessing today is a fairly natural human trait as humans are a flawed creature, this is just one more reason that Auditors are so vitally important add this with the 4th and most important branch of government “We the People” because without these checks and balances, our entire empire could very well collapse possible overnight, if this should happen, chaos would then soon ensue very quickly after that as the level of trust it takes to hold it all together is gone and then what? Have you thought this though yet? Maybe you should.

I understand this is a fairly grim image to leave you with but think about the consequences of your actions, think about what you’re doing. use your god given brains, you’ll figure it out eventually, hopefully before it’s too late. Time shall tell.

These systems of systems i.e., governmental entities and yes even banking only work when the core principles of trust can be maintained, once this trust is lost however, it becomes more and more difficult to keep the system going and before you know it, it could collapse under its own weight of corruption altogether and this could happen very rapidly. once these systems can no longer be held together or kept alive. they will collapse altogether, today, we have much evidence that led many of us to believe that we could be getting very close to this happening as the level of trust required is quickly vanishing as the days, weeks and months continue.

No one of course is hoping for this to actually happen, but if we all continue allowing ourselves to allow unchecked government to go down this path for much longer, we could very well be headed to this conclusion in fairly short order, is this what you want? is this your goal? we’re asking for an entire nation, we think it’s an important question, or, are you going to what many of you always do and double down and continue to unlawfully attempt and intimidate your bosses until all hell breaks loose because this is where we are heading if we all do nothing, maybe not today, tomorrow or next week, just remember, when you don’t know where you’re going all roads can lead you there.

Some people believe and, they may be right that the current systems are far to broken to be fixed and that the only way around all this is to allow the current system to collapse altogether and from there, build a new one to take its place, seems this an impossible task but perhaps we’ll get to the point we have no other options, the founding fathers wrote in the (Declaration of Independence)

The Declaration of Independence (excerpt)

IN CONGRESS, July 4, 1776.

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.–That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed,That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such…”

We highly recommend that you read and understand the U.S. Constitution, Bill of Rights and The Declaration of Independence all available on this website.


Say for example Mary Jane who works down in the accounting office at ABC School Administration building decides one day to put up a sign up in your publicly accessible lobby that says “no one wearing pink shoes is allowed to enter this facility” Would this type of signage be a lawful? NO of course not, why? Because everyone knows that it’s an absurd request not to mention unlawful thus rendering it 100% Null and Void because it has no standing in law or logic to back up the claim.

Now if the people of the community demand and go thought the legal legislative process because everyone in the community for some reason is suddenly angered at pink shoes, the legislation could in this instance create a statute or code to enforce this new policy, but no one individually can go around making things up at will, it’s not how our systems are setup to work, we have what is known in this country DUE PROCESS. and this must strictly be abided by period. the idea about pink shoes is of course still absurd and even if such a ruling could be implemented lawfully and legally, We the People Can at any time challenge this by going through the proper channels and procedures already in place for such things. but government and its employees are not our masters. “We the People” are and public employees are the servants. Fact Check that. we are a connotational Republic, not a Democracy, were certainly not a Banana Republic although if we all continue to let government, its employees run amuck, we could be in a few years if we allow it to go unchecked.

Somehow over many years all this stuff got twisted and this mind set of government employees has gotten itself out of control with all these untruths hence the need for Auditors, if you think you can ignore us and skip away on some high horse ad ride off into the sunset and forget about all this, think again, Not sure if you’ve taken notice or not, but in the last several years,  the auditing community has been growing almost exponentially, there is a reason for this, it’s called an out of control government who for one reason or another decided that it’s OK or maybe even fashionable to become a dictator, not everyone but the presumptions many of you have that we are witnessing today are wild to witness as it’s happening in real time. and it SHALE NOT be tolerated.

“In the beginning of a change the patriot is a scarce man, and brave, and hated and scorned. When his cause succeeds, the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a patriot.”

                                                                                                                                  ― Mark Twain


  • Statutes, Rules, Regulations and Policy are not law, these may hold the color of law believed to be true by many uneducated persons, however, these types of policies only apply to employees of the government or entities they work for but not private citizens.

EXAMPLE: Say you take a job at (Wal-Cart) and (Wal Cart) has a policy that states – no employee can ware tank tops to work. as a condition of your employment, you have signed and agree to abide by said policy, if you fail and one day wear decide to wear a tank top, you could be suspended or terminated from your employment for breach of contract, you would have no repercussions to argue against that decision, however as a private customer, I for example could ware tank tops all day long in and out of their establishment and there is nothing (Wal-Cart) could do about it as I did not sign any agreement or contract with them, I do not work for Wal-Cart and any time I spend there is totally voluntary.


Don’t make matters worse for yourself by freaking out due to a camera, there are cameras everywhere all the time, just on a 2 minute ride to work your most likely on many multiple cameras each time, we are under constant surveillance their fore when you freak out over someone with a camera in their hands, all you’re really doing is showing everyone how silly you look, you should not feel uncomfortable just because someone walks in with a camera, there are cameras everywhere today so what’s one more. Besides, if you have any semblance or care of the Constitution, you must know and understand that some of the most important parts of the constitution are the first 5 elements of the first amendment as follows.


This is an interesting one, government employees will often ask an Auditor, can I see your credentials? every time I hear this one it makes me chuckle, because this shows us to see that you do not fully understand the U.S. Constitution, as written below as the 3rd element of the first amendment, freedom of press, freedom of press is for everyone, not just the big lying corporate media giants, everyone is press, it’s our right and duty to observe and report our findings. many of you act as though it’s an act of aggression against you is taking place. My goodness, where did all this fear come from? have you ever actually stopped and listened to yourselves, a lot of what we hear really sounds so silly, it’s kind of entertaining actually. I actually take joy seeing people freak out over nothing due to their own ignorance, at the same time, this crap really needs to stop, seriously. WOW it’s just stupid.

The 5 Elements of the 1st Amendment

  • 1- Freedom of Religion
  • 2- Freedom of speech
  • 3- Freedom of the press
  • 4 Right to Assembly
  • 5- Right to Petition our grievances


  • Working in public, you give up your privacy especially if you work for any and all government bodies, this includes, Police, Sheriff, Judges, Teachers, Library’s to name a few. If you want to remain totally private, stay home, close the curtains and sleep all day, once you step out, there is no expectation in public, it’s actually an oxy moronic take. Public means just that PUBLIC. Stop twisting it.

Signing In

While visiting any publicly owned building, sign in sheets while sometimes understandable, their actually unconstitutional, We the People cannot be bard or trespassed from a publicly own building, we have the right to view, see, visit, stay, wonder around in any and all publicly accessible area, we are not allowed to go beyond legally binding signs that clearly states, Authorized Personnel Staff Only beyond this point or situations similar in nature,  in other words, We the People have a right to film anything we can see in public view with our eyes as our eyes cannot be trespassed.

Public Records and HIPPA

Both private records and HIPPA should not be seen by the general public this is true, however there seems to be great confusion as to how this is to be enforced or delt with, this misunderstanding is reasonable, but Here’s the deal, Police say that all the Time, HERES THE DEAL so I thought I would too, the thing is, private records and HIPPA information security is on the official who is the keeper of Records, not the man with the camera, a camera can record anything it see is public, so these types of records and their safety actually falls on the hands of the records keeper, not the auditor, so if you are that concerned with private safety issues, maybe you should do a better job at keeping these types of record safe from prying eyes.

Most auditors will often record documents like this to make the point but if they have any real scruples, they will delete it from their record, but because of the auditor, these documents often become far more secure after an audit then before. We all have jobs to do, yes? We will let you do yours if you stop trying to control ours though superficial made-up rules that arrive mostly out of EGO rather than logic, just do what we pay you to do and you’ll be fine. We’re not really out to get you so much as to hone you and make you better at your job. It’ really is that simple. Yes, there are some bad auditors roaming around giving good ones a bad rap sure, just like there are bad public employees too. We must all hold each other accountable for our actions, after all, it is this very thing that separates America from most other nations. Let’s keep it simple shale we


  • Police and other public employees will often say silly things like, talk about 911 or say things like, the times we live in type statements, these are mostly fear tactics in an attempt to convince an auditor that these problems are bigger than what you’re doing with your camera and that you should just stop and give up your rights in order to help makes everyone else feel safer, however these statements often fall on deaf ears and for good reason, it’s because auditors of all people know very well their constitutional rights far better than most public officials do,  that’s why they are perfect for the job they do, they can’t be swayed very easily by all the BS antics,  school personnel do similar tactics as well and say things like “it’s for child safety “well good. I think it safe to say were all for the safety and protection of our youth and nation our nation, no one is arguing that, fact is you can count me in. however you must know and understand that , Police have a job to do, they are LAW Enforcement, they’re not to be used as your personal body guard every time your feelings get hurt, remember, their law enforcement, not feelings or policy enforcement. Learn the difference and you’ll do well to serve your community.  But no one cares about your feelings, if you really care about safety, then stop calling the police for YOUR FEELINGS and wasting expensive resources and time, if someone is attacking you or causing harm to you or your property by all means call 911 immediately that’s what it’s for but it’s certainly NOT your very own private security for when your feelings get hurt. Just stop making us laugh at you.


The United States Constitution

These and other constitutional rights [SHALE NOT] be infringed upon, these rights are not given to us by any state, legislature, government body or official, our rights are inalienable, we get them from our creator. The U.S. Constitution does not give us our rights, the Constitution only guaranties to us “We the People” that these rights are not infringed upon by any and all future tyrannical governments.

It’s fairly obvious what’s going on, it’s really no secret.  most people with a reasonable mind can see it, everyone is talking about this. you can pretend it all away but to what end?



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