May 22, 2024
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Power Projection – Jason Lowery

When a lion needs resources, He doesn’t go ask for permission from the zebra to go eat the zebra. Power projection is a permissionless control structure over resources. That is what nature is, nobody gets to unsubscribe from this power projection game, nobody gets to volunteer to not be eaten.

This protocol is derived from physics, and physics is blind to your morals. All physics see is joules per second You obey this power projection consensus protocol over the chain of custody of resources, whether you like to or not, so if we’re going to succeed. Then it is an existential necessity for life to figure out increasingly clever ways to project power to scale our power projection, for the fittest power projectors is to survive.

This world is going to be pretty unforgiving to those who sit around and don’t play in this game. Bitcoin is the same game in a different domain and one that will have enormous, complex, emergent properties that will benefit society.

Bitcoin isn’t a negotiation.

Jason P. Lowery, Major – U. S. Space Force

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