April 20, 2024
Freedom Walker



I am a man of many skills and a master of none, I like to dabble  with computer art and mostly only manipulate other peoples creations and make them into my won though editing software. currently I use Paint Shop Pro v 23 for images, I  am also learning Adobe Photoshop, it’s basically the same as PSP only the tools are different. for video editing I use Wondershare Filmora v 12+ with some additional plugins.

I am no pro at any of my work however, I am constantly trying and learning new tricks, their is laterally no end in sight of what you can do with these tools, it’s quite amazing actually. it’s a lot of fun.

Support What?

I do take on outside work from time to time, some are paid some I do for free depending on the needs. some things I simply have to refuse as I’m not confident I can do the job but willing to learn, but if it’s something someone needs right away, chances are I will refuse it unless you want me to try and give you a sample of what I’ve come up with.

Support, where we read the manual for yuo.

Other Interest

Reading: I do quite a bit of reading, mostly history type books and current affairs from alternative sources, I have little interest in the Main Stream Media as it’s corrupt to the core, if I’m in the mood for some comedy however, I will tune in from time to time as it’s all a big joke. these people on MSM are ought and paid for by people and entities that do not have huminites best interest in mind and I’ll leave it at that.

Woodworking: I also dabble in woodworking projects, I’ve dome some custom projects such as building custom doors for a space where the doors that need replacing are not standard doors you can just go buy at home depot or Lowes, the customer that needed them were about to pay $1400.00 to have these doors custom made, I was able to do the job for $400.00 and I made a profit of about half that. 

Music: I love music as many do, I listen to a large array of genes and styles from easy listening to hard rock and everything in-between,  not a big RAP fan other than a very few select artist… REN and Tom McDonald come to mind as my fav rappers, there both independent artist who I respect very highly



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