May 22, 2024
Freedom Walker


Central Banking System using Fiat as it’s Currency

FACT the current Central Banking System as we know it is seemingly right on schedule to fully collapse, implode might be a better way to explain what is happening, there are a few things we might want to understand in what’s happening on the global playing field is that there are two sides to all this that some of you may not be aware of is who or what are causing this implosion and why.

On one side we have what many refer to as the (BLACK HATS) what is a Black Hat you ask? well the Black Hats is what is know as the {Cabal] well OK… what is this cabal then? the Cabal is a group of people from all over the planet that work from behind the scenes of most government’s, their not part of any government but they more less dictate their desires and needs to the government(s) and wield a lot of power and control over government(s) mainly these are the bankers, these Black Hats or Cabal groups are driven to collapse the monetary system, why? well basically to destroy everything and finally get there way and bring in their NWO and New fiat control system using what is known as [CBDC] or Central Bank Digital Currency which is just another fancy and modern way for them to continue their Fiat Banking system which is absolutely no better than the current fake fiat system. they think this is going to help them remain in power, but in truth, these bankers are our number one enemy why? because the use their fiat systems to keep humanity enslaved and with a digital currency, it will be noting for them to switch off your digits if you get out of hand and stop complying to there draconian slave system, in other words, do as we say or else.

On the other side we have what is known as the [WHITE HATS] this group wants/needs to collapse the entire system so that it forces the New system on line, why? Because the new system can’t come in if the old fraudulent banking system is still around screwing things up. the White Hats or good guys want to help humanity forward by providing freedom and prosperity, in other wards, take back control of our nation from these criminals {Bankers] who have been hell bent on enslaving everyone.

the question is who is going to win this battle? the White Hats or the Black Hats? I believe the White Hats will win, in fact, I think we have already won, as Sun Tzu said in the book, the Art of War, “every war is won before the battle even began” right now where in the midst of transitioning from the old to the new, this is one of the reasons that everything right now looks a bit chaotic at the moment. after all, it’s really no small matter for this gigantic transition to take place, it takes time. but don’t despair, many pieces of this change are already in place and ready to go and the evidence of this is all around you in plain view.

The problem why many people don’t know this is because their really not paying attention or their keeping themselves distracted with foolish things, some of you might be distracted because your still getting yuor news from the MSM while others might be distracted because your spending your time on things that are not true such as NESARA-GESARA-QFS and we’ll take a look at this down the line. I’m not blaming anyone or attempting to sell anyone anything either, you’ll find nothing for sale here.


Over the last many decades there’s been a lot of chatter being propagated out in our shared cyber-space known as the WWW about all this HOOPLA, it’s been going on now for at least 2 decades or better. it’s known as NESARA/GESARA and sometimes this goes by the name QFS or Quantum Financial System witch all sounds hunky dory right? that is until you lift the hood on this phycological operation or SYOP and discover their is not really one shred of evidence available to back any of these claims up. Not One, it’s really very curious don’t you think?

What I find really fascinating is that every time I bring up proof to anyone of these people propagating all this talk 1 of 3 things usually happens, (1) they get mad and tell me how I have no faith (2) completely ignore me and then never get a response those people or (3) block me altogether maybe so they don’t have to face any real debate or actually deal with an alternatives view point, it’s kind of like watching the show called [THE VIEW] one place where you can’t h. ave a view is The View, now this is what I call IRONIC, it’s obsoletely absurd.

One of the reason I always say that NESARA/GESARA is 100% Bull Shit is not because I want to discredit it for the fact that I can, after all I gain nothing by speaking my truth, and I have every right to so so, I say this for logical reasons only and part of this is because the whole idea is rooted at it’s core in the old corrupt financial banking system and we all know, or most of us should know by now that this old control system has no desire or benefit in serving humanity and certainly not you or I or anyone for that matter, it only has interest in saving and serving itself and those who control it, CONTROL is the operative word here.

I just read, some people are in favor of the banks even though their a criminal enterprise and people are saying the banks are doing what they do to help the vulnerable,  and to this I said, Yeah, interesting point, maybe their interesting in the vulnerable because these are the only people clueless enough to fall for the same ole SCAM and be HAPPY about it.

What it will serve us is nothing but more grief for all of humanity because it’s core principles are rooted in a control mechanism, it’s not at all a system that has any of our best interest in mind, truth is and most of us know this already or should by this stage, that this old dinosaur, out dated Central Banking System will never solve anything for you, me or anyone but themselves, it’s sole purpose is to keep humanity under their thumb of control and to keep you where you are right now [ENSLAVED] and it’s this very same system that NESARA/GESARA/QFS is all based in, is this really what you want? you want to be enslaved for the rest of your lives? seriously think logically about this not emotionally. emotionally charged thinking and beliefs do not work and they never will and maybe, just maybe it’s time to fucking grow up.

Not to mention once again, there is not one shred of evidence anywhere on this planet that anyone anywhere that proves once and for all NESARA/GESARA or a QFS system is actually a real thing. Not one iota of evidence. So go ahead and be all mad at me all you want, it’s really no skin off my back but if your still believing this utter nonsense then chances are, your literally living in some fantasy world something on the lines of a Disney Cartoon, it’s sad to actually witness from my fellow humans.

I suggest that If you can prove this claim in any real factual documentation or sources other then the normal and very well known Shills like Charlie Ward, Simon Parks, Scott McKey, Mel-Q, Phil Godlewski and all these types who likely belong to the same group who constantly go around interviewing each other – Ad nauseam – because, these people have neither clue nor facts to back them up, what they do have however is a whole lot of noting, I mean, listen to them, it’s fairly and blatantly obvious just by the way they talk, do you have no discernment at all? what happened to it, you should be smarter than this at this stage of our individual and collective evolution, these people advocating all this hoopla might be good people simply providing bad information without much thought or it’s possible they are part of a bigger scheme of deceiving you with nice sounding words and good sounding noise, but it’s always just enough to sell you some BS scheme of the day, beyond that, they got nothing. if you can prove any of this, then maybe, just maybe it’s high time you show it now or forever shut the fuck up. seriously. enough already with this utter bs.

Then their are many other propagandist such as all the Dinar Guru’s out there with countless websites talking trash and their all just as bad as all the forementioned shills.

The GURU’s are always telling you relentlessly that It’s happening next Tuesday, oh wait, its next Friday at 12pm, no wait, it’s next Saturday at 5pm, these same morons have been telling people this same thing again again for at least 2 decades or better and always offer excuses to cover their own asses, this does two things, it keep you enticed and entertained, and it keeps you on that hopeium rollercoaster to keep you coming back for more abuse that in turn keeps them justified in their lies and on and on it goes, it’s delay after delay, it’s this that and the other thing and guess what, it never comes seems to come to fruition does it? do you know why this is? it should be by now fairly obvious, it’s because it dose not now nor will it ever actually exist in reality silly… ask yourself, how many years will you remain so gullible? I mean my Goodness get a clue already. I got off this train long ago, I still believed it myself for a while, but now for me, the evidence that it’s all a sham is so clear.


There is also no such thing as QFS – Quantum Financial System as some claim, again, there’s of course not one shred of evidence that any such thing exist in reality. These ideas are actually very old, these ideas have been propagated and floating around for at least 2 decades with still not an iota of evidence that backs any of these claims up, honestly, it’s all a disinformation or worse a scam from the start why? I can only speculate here but if I had to guess, these types of propaganda misinformation campaigns where designed, as their always designed to do, keep as many unsuspecting people as possible as busy and distracted as possible with a bunch of hopeium propaganda and antics to keep you entertained with the next shiny object, all the while the very same creators of these SYOPS are busy stabbing you in the back while you were distracted. yeah, I know, it feels kind of crappy and shameful to be fooled like that right?. well I would highly recommend you get over yourself, we have all been scammed our entire lives by many different means and this is just one more thing so you might want to chalk is up to an experience and get over it and move on with your life, take the lessen , and realize this might be the reason for this lesson is to actually learn, sometimes our errors become our greatest educators, humble yourself and move along what the lesson learned. just me, it only hurts for a little while.

These lies your latching on to and telling yourselves are not fooling or impressing anyone but yourselves. perhaps the lesson of the day is about your EGO. IDK JS


If you are really interested in real world happenings, I think, believe that the new financial system your missing out on while your distracting yourselves with BS will more likely be in the realm of using something like Bitcoin or something similar, why do I say this? because it’s already here and it’s actually functioning right now in the real world. right now right hear happening in the real world where the majority of people live, If some of you actually spent your time on researching and learning what’s actually happening for yourselves instead of listening and following a bunch of fools about some HOPEIUM propaganda and pretty words on this fake NESARA and QFS nonsense and bring yourself back into a functioning reality, you might just be able to invest your time on learning about Bitcoin and the blockchain because at least this is something that is actually based in reality not some pretend fictional la, la land feel good BS story as is the case when it comes to all this NESARA/GESARA and QFS BS. it’s insane.

All one has to do is look at what’s actually going on in reality such as what happened in El Salvador and happening now in Thailand, as well as other places in the word… Bitcoin and Strike is what just saved El Salvador from financial ruins, why was El Salvador almost in ruins? the Central Banking System of course, does this actually surprise anyone? while El Salvador is still using the PETRO DOLLAR system, Bitcoin is now their official currency of El Salvador and Strike was setup as the payment gateway using the lightning network to send/receive payments and exchange instantly without getting permission from any bank or government, bitcoin is a P2P payment system that cost a very small fraction of what these current criminal central banking systems charge, this is why the banks are attempting to save themselves by implementing their own digital currency known as CBDC which are just as worthless as their current fiat money, there doing this so the banks can continue to monopolies and stay in power and control, it’s not going to work though, for a short while it might but it’s going to be short lived, why do I say this?

In a short time, SA- Saudi Arabia is now signaling that their going to be joining BRICS, it seems their slowly talking about this in a way to almost prepare the masses of this change that is coming and I think that moment could happen at any time now we shale see, when exactly this happens is anyone’s guess but its fairly clear that it’s going to happen.  the thing is, as soon as this happens, this event will effetely be the end of the PETRO DOLLAR as we know it, the US Dollar will no longer hold the same level of value on the international stage.

This is also basically the end of the Cabal’s power, think about it. if you read Executive Order #13818 signed by President Trump on December 21st 2017, this EO basically confiscates all assets of any Government, Company, Group or person who was/is involved in crimes against humanity including but lot limited to Sex Trafficking, Human Trafficking, Banking fraud, scams and so on. put all this together with what’s happening today on the financial playing field and you’d start to see, this was all very well planned out long ago.

Another interesting thing Trump did about the same time the SCAM-DEMIC hit, and that is what he was doing with the Federal Reserve and the United States Treasury, in short, he, Trump ordered that the FED be taken over by the US Treasury and then made then forced the FED to pay for all the COVID rebate programs, so what does all this lead to you ask? a total banking system change on a massive scale all done without so much as informing the criminal banking system, well I think the banks know now, this is why their hemorrhaging and acting out of fear and they seem to be on the defense and as a result, the banks are making lot’s of mistakes which only quickens their demise, how all this plays out exactly is unknown, but it seems the writing is on the wall as they say. 

Sadly, many of you might know all this if you weren’t  wasting so much of your valuable time in fantasy land and instead operated in reality and logic, you would know all tis right? so we live and we learn, and unfortunately some of you are really slow to catch on because of your insensible desire to hold on to a fantasy that does not now or will it ever be in reality, you got yourself distracted with HOPEIUM and fantasy, sometimes I wonder if some of you will ever let go of your fantasy and if not what happens to you I wonder? will you even survive? one of the quotes I remember is “The end won’t be for everyone” and “Some will not make it”. we shale see, it’s going to be interesting to witness how this all plays out.

Bitcoin is a non-centralized system, no government, bank, company or individual has control, it belongs to We the People of the globe and is controlled by the people not these same criminals using this fiat system against us at every turn.

You want to remain under their control, go right ahead be a forever slave to these criminals, or help yourself and others and learn about Bitcoin and why it’s so important.
Jason P. Lowery, Major U.S. Space Force just came out with a book, it’s his thesis on Bitcoin and the importance of it, Bitcoin as it turns out is not just about money, it’s about the constitution, it’s about law, it’s about military, it’s about power of projection and so much more.

Yes, bitcoin is complicated, but this is where payment gateways come in to help simplify it, there are also other payment gateways today, many so take your pick on which one to use for yourself. This is one of the beauties of using Bitcoin because the main thing that the banks can’t compete with is Freedom, bitcoin is freedom, banks are control freaks.

This is also the problem with all other crypto currency, there known as (SHITCOINS) why? Because there just another form of centralized banking where you risk these institutions to turn off your finances anytime, they see fit, as with Bitcoin, there is no CEO, no company, no Corporation and no government, no one is controlling it and therefore there is no one to turn you off if they don’t like what your saying, Bitcoin does not judge, it cares not race, color or country, it has no opinion.

With this type of finance and exchange however comes a great deal of responsibility to keep your Bitcoin in a self-custody wallet and keep it secure. to know your 12 or 24 word phrase, to be in self custody make you King or Queen of your own value and worth. no one can take it away.

Web3 soon to be Web5 and Bitcoin is here, our world is indeed changing, you have a choice, either continue playing in this old banking control system and remain enslaved or become a free and independent individual.

But stop with the NESARA QFS bs, it has nothing over Bitcoin, nothing, it’s all based on fantasy and illusion. and it’s construct is using the old banking system if it’s even true, people have been advocating this nonsense for a few decades, ask yourselves, where has it gotten you so far? No where why? Because it does not exist anywhere in reality, and if you think it does, then you have got to come up to the plate and prove it once and for all, enough of this pretty word talk, it’s time to grow up, put on your big boy and girl pants and come to your senses but please stop with this utter nonsense. it’s all been a bogus plan all along.


To help get started understanding Bitcoin get and read Softwar by Major, Jason P. Lowery U.S. Space Force – Buy on Amazon

Listen to Rug Pull Radio with GMoney and Shawn on Rumble

Look up Dylan LeClair on YouTube.
Jack Mallers on YouTube
Jack Dorsey
Tim Draper: YouTube:
Michael Saylor on YouTube:
to name a few, there is no shortage of information available from real people who are actually working towards the coming banking systems built by real people, not some fantasy that some of you are stuck on such as NESARA and QFS where neither actually exist in reality. [HOPEIUM]

Other sources of information you might like to read

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Shills or Dis-info agents to watch out for.

Charlie Ward – Mel-K – Phil Godlewski – Scott McKay – Simon Parks

This a short list to name a few, there are many others as well and it appears that they might all belong to the same group or organization who may be directing this narrative, if you actually pay attention and listen to these people with an open heart it should become clear to you what these people are doing.

Perhaps some of them are good people who mistakenly bought into a bunch of BS, it happens to the best of us, but some of them I fully believe are intentional in spreading misleading information about things like NESARA and QFS to maintain a following and so in order to maintain their followers, they must at all cost maintain their rhetoric. 

Notice things like, these people are constantly interviewing each other and talk about this fake QFS or NESARA, all they do is parrot back and forth the same talking points and information between each other, they don’t talk or interview outside of this circle of people. if and when these people are ever challenged then they use an age old tool known as GASLIGHTING and then turn it around and claim that it’s actually the challenger how is the one that’s bad because they don’t agree with the narrative.  Gaslighting is what we have come to expect from the MSM as part of their Operation Mockingbird antics, but this is not the behaviors’ we should expect or except from real patriots, we have to be better than that. otherwise were no better then our enemies (CABAL)

It appears to me, that these people pay attention to what’s actually happening in reality and then twist and manipulate this information and use it to fit this crazy NESARA narrative and it sounds good I’ll give,em that, but it’s never actually rooted in reality, it’s just talking points to grab your attention because they know in general terms that many of you are not really paying attention to what’s really going on and so you fall for their nonsense because it sounds good, it requires no research of your own, let them do all the work for you so you can sit back and pretend you got something when in truth, you have a pack of lies dressed in fake information, you believe them lock stock and barrel  ideology that is not or never has held a place in reality, for me, it’s prime evidence that a LIE can travel half way around the globe while the truth is still tying its shoes. It’s up to us. when all you have to do is look up things and do your own research and come to your own conclusions, but no, that’s too hard. and now your going to pay the consequences for your own lack of due diligence, truth no matter what it is or where it leads you is your responsibility, if you want to follow along blindly to these people then by all means, just know that your doing so at your own peril. 

People get really emotionally charges and get mad at me for talking about this type of stuff, they often say things like, Oh Mark, you have no faith or that I don’t believe, I’ve heard a million times, these types of verbiage are all trigger words used  to try and make me think they will get my goat and get me to react irrationally so they can then say, ah ha.. see, your irrational, you can’t possible be right LOL and yet it’s these very same people that can never provide a single shred of evidence to back up their claims, what’s even more interesting to me is that most people because they can’t come up with a logical answer, they end up never replying or sometimes they just take the easy way out and block me altogether so they don’t have to deal with it, this is also known as [Cognitive Dissonance] or they might just ignore me altogether, in truth, none of it matters to me I’m actually used to it, but for me, these peoples sudden silence says it all, it says way more then their empty words. It’s psychologically fascinating to me. Now, I’m no doctor or anything but I’ve been known to play one in my head on a few occasions  LOL 🙂 

Do I have faith? Absolutely I do, I have faith in myself to do my own due diligence ad research to the best of my ability, I have faith to sometimes agree to disagree with the status quo, I never go along to get along that mindset is in part what got us all in this mess in the first place, I have faith that I’m going to be wrong sometimes or right other times, I have faith that I will learn something new everyday because  I leave my mind open to new ideas as they becomes available, I have faith that I don’t have all the answers, I have faith that a better days are coming but it’s has nothing to do with NESARA/GESARA/QFS.

I recognize that humanity has been manipulated for so long by some very crafty entities that have caused us all a whole lot of confusion and uncertainty, and this got people to take on some fairly strange belief systems, EGO as it turns out seems to have a strangle hold and many people/souls have a hard time letting go of these faults ideologies. I’ve said for many years, this biggest problem on we have hear on spaceship earth is a mind problem. not because anyone is stupid, but because of all the manipulations we have all endured. it’s actually a magical thing that any of us are still alive and yet here we are.  be thankful and have faith.

Humanity I fully believe will eventually win this battle, unfortunately, some of you seem so set in some of these fake ideologies that you’re not yet quite ready for this next leg of the journey,  some of you not willing to do the work or to research for yourselves, instead, you simply follow the words of others pushing total nonsense and believing it at face value and you simply run with it while at the same time, taking no responsibility of your own for your own future. It’s sad to witness. I wish I did not have to say these things, but some of you are having a hard time escaping this constructed MATRIX that we have all lived under our entire lives, maybe it’s time for you to let it go, it’s up to you, no one is coming to save you only you can save you.

Who knows, maybe I wont even make, maybe I’m not ready, maybe I am wrong about all this, maybe you should question me and my truth,  like I say, trust but verify everything but when you blindly follow without your own thoughts and insight, your just a pretender living under someone else rule and control.  I’m no different, it’s just that I can see and recognize the real from the matrix construct, or are we all living in a simulated reality? this idea comes up more and more to, not sure what to make of it just yet, but these ideas do linger in my head. all I do for absolute facts is that is a hell of a lot more I don’t know than what I do know and it’s with this  trait or idea that allows me to be open enough to take on new ideas without being so open that my brains fall out. 

Some of you are so set into the idea that your right, you can no longer hear from anyone else unless they too have bough into this pretend world along with you, but every time your met with any type of opposition you vacate the premises. It’s all so fascinating and yet exasperating at the same time.

What I don’t want is for anyone to believe me on anything I say, it’s not my thing, I care about our future, I care and hope that everyone can be part of this new world that’s now being created before our very eyes, but I am just one guy, these are my opinions based on real time information and happenings, I’m not talking about some pretend fantasy world stuff like NEASRA or QFS, fantasy is fun sure, but it’s a temporary relief for some humanities more troubled times but it’s clearly no way to manage our life’s future this I am certain. it’s just a distraction.

OK. Enough of my RANTING LOL… if you actually made it this far, congratulations… you just won a number 2 pencil… step on up to the box and claim your prize. 


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