June 23, 2024
Freedom Walker


Knox Hill Reaction of Ren-Money Game-Part2



What your about to read are my opinions and truths, I’m suggesting they’re possibilities for you to consider… in which you can then come up with your own logical conclusions.

I’ve been waiting for this reaction from Knox and where finally here and once again, Knox didn’t disappoint us.  I’ve probably listen to this song about a millions times because well… it’s just freaking good. And so I play, share and point to this all the time.

This song carries a lot of meaning and is so pointed and relatable because the story just so happens to be true, ren as always does an amazing job with his style and lyrics to take complex subjects and breaks them down into simple easy to understand ways, Personally his talent is incredible.  Ren also never disappoints us, he’s certainly a keeper. everything he touches is gold because he put’s his whole self and passion into his creations. I honestly don’t think he even realizes just how talented he is. and he so humble and down to earth. he’s pure gold as a result.

Some people create music to express themselves, others perform theater, and others prefer to write, like myself, I am just more comfortable writing then I am with any other creative medium, although I have been know to talk a lot when given the opportunity. this does not happen often however. I need you to also realize that I’m not the best writer either but I also never claimed to be and as a result, I end up doing a whole lot of editing even after it’s been published as to help clean my initial ramblings.

One of my biggest problems I find with writing is organizing my thoughts, the topics I often talk about are usually so vast and deep in scope that they can often relate and connect to so many other things that my mind sometimes ends up swimming in a pool of poo, that I get bogged down with the overload and as a result, I tend to getting lost in the ocean of information that’s now flowing uncontrollable in my mind, I end up having to later edit, edit and edit some more. writing can feel fairly barbaric at times, it’s never easy trust me, so I hope you can apricate the time it takes me, if not well then go fuck yourself  LOL  jk… don’t be strokin I’m only jokin kid… I got that little bar from Ren, you like it?  LOL

With all this mumbo jumbo out of the way, I do want to try and discriminate some thoughts and touch on something that many people say that I don’t agree with and that is this that often gets misused or misunderstood and the word is “Capitalism” it is probably by far one of this biggest misunderstood or misconstrued words in American history why? Well just like almost everything like the sudden Transgender Bull Shit issues, the sex and Gender roles, schools, church, courts, education, vocabulary, pronouns and on and on, all have something in common, do you know what it is? it’s all been weaponized and the very word “Capitalism” takes no exception to this rule.

What people don’t or maybe refuse to recolonize is the simple fact that we are at war, it’s not a war between Democrats and Republicans or Left and Right, it’s not a war being fought with Battleships, Airplanes or Army Men in Uniforms, it’s a war between right and wrong, good and bad, good vs. evil and in this war it’s designed specifically to divide and concur us, it is after all one of the oldest tricks in the book of deception and wizardry,  some people call this war a spiritual war and, in many ways, this is also true too.  but it even goes far deeper than just simply saying Capitalism and calling it a day, no sir. We have to look beyond the veil of deception. and this can only occur when we take a deeper dive down into the abyss.

“It is only by going down into the abyss that we recover the treasures of life. Where you stumble, there lies your treasure. The very cave you are afraid to enter turns out to be the source of what you were looking for. “

                                                                     ~Joseph Campbell

What I would like to do is take you down a trip into memory lane for a moment back to 1871, yes that’s right, I know it’s a long time ago, but this is what I mean, everything is connected to everything else and in order to better understand we have to see how these dots connect so we can then pull it together, so we have to go down all these different rabbit holes sometimes.

If we look at the Act of 1871 otherwise known as The Organic District of Columbia Act of 1871, this is the time that America lost our Republic and became a Corporation and this is important to understand when talking about “Capitalism” because this is where the terms started to change their meaning, there is a huge difference between a company that’s owned by an individual providing a service or item to the public, in this system, we all have a choice to either support or not the company so in essence, we vote with our money and said company either thrives or fails depending on how they treat their customers.

In the Corporate world however, this is not true, because there is no one that can be held accountable and they end up doing whatever they want, the very word “Corporation” is derived from the root word “COPSE” which literally means Dead, it’s dead because buildings are not of the living, Corporations only have managers and CEO’s who work, but basically everything under the title of Corporation are in a trust that’s owned by yet another corporation hidden from life.

So what is happening is people now days almost always associate the word capitalism with being bad because most people have been conditioned too over the many years and for good reason, words too have been weaponized and bastardized to the hilt, it’s one of the reasons there is so much confusion today. It’s sad but this is what psychological war looks like and the sooner we all recognize what it is were up against, the sooner we can help fix it by not playing within these systems.

A prime example, what just happened with Anheuser Busch, they shit on every American with their WOKE Trans BS and now their suffering the consequences of their actions financially as a result, why, because people  finally started to stand up, take a stand and boycott in mass, I’ve heard so far it’s cost them roughly 8 billion dollars, but I’ve heard other amounts too so take it with a grain of salt,  I’m sure if these shenanigans end here they could probably recover,  but I don’t think they can recover from this, it’s going to hurt them big time for a very long time, so what happens in the long haul, I have no idea, I can only speculate, but I hope this is a lesson others will grab on too.

But this is how we do it, we vote with our money, Washington is a joke, these people most all of them hate us, they could care less weather live or die a miserable death, that’s the reality, they know their held to account for anything because they do not work for us, since 1871, this has all been one gigantic illusion, it’s just another Corporation, we can try and ignore this fact, but it is what it is.

Back to Capitalism, there is nothing wrong with someone starting a company, making a product and being able to thrive and support others with a job, this is how capitalism works, sure, we could create corporations out of everything and turn them all into shit, but in reality, no one is going to like that either, trust me, this would be called socialism which almost always eventually turns to communism enviably, if you want to see that in action just go live in China and see how wonderful it is.

When you go back to 1871, you will see how it was the Bankers all along who created this system, it’s a well-known fact that it’s the Banks who have controlled Governments and the Governments which are noting more than Corporations control the people, this is not right, this is not at all what our founding fathers had envisioned, far from it. This is how America was infiltrated and taken over, these are the people we are at war with, there is of course a lot more behind all this, but it’s the Banks who are at the root of it all.


“Give me control over a nations money and I care not who makes its laws”                                           

                                                                                    ~ Nathan Rothschild

I wanted to clarify this misunderstanding because if we don’t correct it now, these types of misconceptions will only continue and we can’t let that happen. Otherwise we take the risk of remaining forever lost in the rhetoric and noise where we then become our own worst enemy by being part of the problem.


There is a ton more I could say, but that’s enough.

To better understand I would highly recommend of the following books.

  • Creatures of Jekyll Island by: G. Edward Griffith available on Amazon
  • Softwar by: Major Jason P, Lowery U.S. Space Force link
  • Devolution by: Jon Harold available at https://www.devolution.link
  • Monopoly Men on YouTube link

There are a billion others, as they say, in the world where we have information and knowledge at our finger tips, ignorance becomes choice.

I would very highly recommend Bitcoin if you want to exit the system of systems. This exit might be out of your control very shortly as the global banking is collapsing, as of right now, BRICS has already  formed against the U.S. Dollar, Saudi Arabia is right now signaling their going to join BRICS and if and when this happens, could be any moment, this will essentially be the end of the U.S. Petro Dollar as we know it, this is why the Banks are attempting to come out with their own CBDC or Central Bank Digital Currency, the problem is however is that just like the Dollar, they have nothing to back it up and if it has no backing or trust, where will the value come from? No one is going to want a worthless currency.

One last important read, Executive Order #13818 Signed by President Donald J. Trump on December 20th 2017, this is very important to help you to understand what’s going on here. If you’re not prepared after this, its no one’s fault but your own so pay attention and read this Executive Order #13818.  it will help you to understand the war we are fighting. Much of the big important stuff is happening behind the scene, the MSM will never report on tis because there complicit with the crimes being committed against humanity.

“You’d love to know the answer, but to some of you, the truth is just another lie”…

                                                                ~ Unknown

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