April 20, 2024
Freedom Walker



This article comes to you from my own personal perspective, it’s based on a whole lot of information from many different sources as well as time invested in learning as we all venture down some fairly chaotic times that’s leading us up to and beyond 2023.

I realize that some people may or may not be aware that our world today is a tad bit on the chaotic mode right now. this chaotic time comes to us on many different layers and levels, I always say, there is the surface level and there are many layers and levels that unless we take the time to visit the abyss that many of you might be missing out on some of the more detailed underlying issues, so because of this,  I’m not so sure many people are aware of what it is that’s actually causing a lot of this chaos we are seeing going on these days, but perhaps for no other  reason then perhaps lack of time and this is certainly understandable although sometimes frustrating because so much of it so blatantly obvious at least it is to me. 

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So whit all the being said, my goal here is to hopefully offer you the reader some deeper insights into some of the underlying causes of the shit (chaos) that’s going on, make no mistake, It’s not that I have all the answers because I don’t and therefore I do not have all the answers either, I’m not so sure who does except maybe God, IDK

One thing I do know for certain however is that, we are at WAR, this war however is not being fought in anyway any normal sense or as one might think of when they think of war, this war is not being fought with guns, airplanes, battleships or armies of men in uniform although some of that is also happening in different parts of the world, the part of the war I’m talking about however is totally unconventional, General Michael Flynn in fact just wrote a book called 5th Generational Warfare also referred to as (5GW). I have not purchased or read this one yet. but I hope to soon, I’m hearing it’s an interesting read.

We are all now witnessing this war playing out in real time right here on American Streets, it’s also playing out in other parts of the world like you see in both France and Israel to name a few, this is what all the massive protest going on is about and happening as I write this, there are of course other places  around the globe this war is playing out. We the People of the world are finally growing tired of all these global tyrants running amuck and destroying everything in there path.

As far as I’m concerned, these tyrants, mostly the bankers reign of control and destruction is coming to and end, when and how exactly this all plays out is anyone’s guess, largely because we as citizens receive information only as it trickles out and so it’s not always known exactly, we can only speculate as the pieces seem to fit is all, for now, we just have generality’s,  but know this is  not just about America Baby, this is global. but the war as far as I’m concerned is over, now it’s just a cleanup in isle 47. what we do know is that their is a shitload going on behind the scenes, stuff the MSM don’t talk about because the MSM truly is the Enemy of We the People.

So, let us examine now some of the things that is very lily causing all this chaos?  Well there are many reason but personally and giving the scope of things I know, I would have to say that our  number one major culprit and enemy would have to be the Central Banking System causing most of it as these entities are at the top or head of the snake, all the other entitles below rely on money and the banking system is where they get it, they get it in many ways, they get it though phony books signings, they get it though all that money being sent to Ukraine, they get it though favors and pay to play schemes, but it’s never directly, it’s not like the Federal Reserve is siting their handing over cash directly, that would be stupid, no, it has to be done covertly so they can try and keep it as hidden from us as possible, let’s face it, criminals are in high places and  they all benefit greatly because of all this corruption, this is why and how they do it, they protect each other because most of them are involved themselves in one way or another, ever hear the phrase, Partner in Crime?. well now you know where it came  from.

Back to the story, from the bankers down the money then trickles down to the MSM, Hollywood or the Entertainment Industrial Complex, it also trickles into both political parties because their also involved on both sides of the isle, have you ever wondered why many politicians salary is about $174,000/year and yet many of them end up with millions in their bank accounts? ask yourself how does this happen? how does this work and who is giving them this money? important questions don’t you think.

Nancy Pelosi for example has something like 45 million net worth between her and her husband. don’t you find this a bit odd? it doesn’t really take a rocket science to figure out what’s going on, it’s hidden in plain sight, these criminals also get lots of kick backs from lobbyist and special interest groups and banks, I think one of the biggest lobbyist their are.  I think the pharmaceutical industry might also be about the same roughly, by the way, this system is known as the “Pay 2 Play”  this was coined during the Clinton investigations when Hillary (Killery) was Secretary of State, it’s a, if you touch mine, ill touch yours system of favoritism LMAO… ok a little humor never hurt anyone…

I would have to say however that this corruption runs more deeply on the Democratic side but make no mistake, both sides are corrupt to the core, the damn thing is corrupt. it is being addressed on the daily if your paying attention, but it seems to move at a snails pace most people honestly are not paying that close of attention, at least not to the same level or degree that I am. not to say I am anything special, it’s just that I have the time and wherewithal to do so, many people simply don’t have the time and so they relay on people like me to help inform them in smaller less time consuming ways and that is why I do what I do. the information I get is not secret however nor is is hard to find, in fact, it’s actually available to ever man woman and child on the face of this planet. but time consuming no doubt.


The left is basically controlled and run by people like George Soros and Klaus Schaub who either is no friend to humanity, in fact their both socialist who basically get their marching orders straight form the Kazarian Mafia, sound strange to you? well it’s real. if you want to take a deeper dive into this charter read this sub stack article by Patrick Gunnels: https://prussiagate.substack.com/p/reichswef-part-vi?r=5cfw2  it’s a boring read, but it will give you a lot of insight into the mindset of these creatures who are hell bent on keeping you as their enslaved chattel.

These two people come straight out of Nazi German, actually their families were part of the Nazi regime, they were also present and influenced the signing of the America declaration of independence, once you piece it all this information together of who these people are, you’ll start to see and understand why everything happening today  such as racism, transgender, pronouns BS,  the school shootings, the train crashes and their toxic spillages, were right now on the very edge’s of having food shortages to name a few but on and on and on it goes, banking collapse, the economy, inflation, need I continue? Now, does anyone honestly believe that all this is happening as it it is right now all at once by some half naked coincidence? If you do… I got some amazing swamp land I’d love to sell you.   

All of this chaos comes basically under the umbrella of the Central Banking Crime Syndicate, you see I could go on and tell you that a lot of this all started why back with the District of Columbia Act of 1871. but I’ll spare you that for now, but it’s important to understand that  right now as we speak that the U.S. Dollar is about to come to an end as the rest of the world is either going to use [BRICS] as their new trade exchange and currency between these nations currency, gold, silver or Bitcoin. but their all moving away from the PETRO DOLLAR. and I believe the final blow to this system is going to happen in fairly quick order.

Now if you want more information as to why this is, you need to read Executive Order #13818 that President Donald Trump signed on December 21st 2017 and also what Trump did with the Federal Reserve and the United States Treasury while all the distractions of C19 started, this information is important to understand because Trumps actions play a significant role, but more on this later. if you want to know more on this segment, write me and ill be happy to send you those documents. I might add them here later on.

BRICS for those of you who might not know what this is or means, it stands for Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa, very soon Sadia Ariba will be joining BRICS and once this happens, that will essentially be the end of the U.S. Dollar or Petro Dollar dominance as we know it. But I don’t think you need to panic so stay calm.

What many people don’t understand is that right now, actually since around mid 2009 we have two separate factions who want to destroy the current global banking system, on one side we have what is known as the [Black Hats] these are the bad guys mentioned above along with the criminal banking system, they want/need to collapse the current system so they can bring in there very own [CBDC] and in fact, the Federal Reserve just announced that as of June 2023, their going for it, however, CBDC is nothing more then another Ponzi fiat currency scheme, the same as were using right now, it’s fiat because it’s all (make believe) money printed and made up out of nothing but thin air and as they “The Bankers” see fit.

For well over 200 years it’s been the central banks that have in essence controlled the world, it’s been used to blackmail entire countries because it keeps the world in a perpetual state of war and conflict, war as most everyone knows is very beneficial because it’s an extremally profitable business model, it’s been said, the Banks are the ones who control the governments and the governments are the ones who control the people. this makes this the biggest Ponzi scheme in the history of the world.

                                “Give me control over a nations money and I care not who makes it’s laws” 

                                                                                                            ~ Mayer Amschel Bauer Rothschild

So, the Banks are now on a huge push to get their Digital Currency setup because their running out of time because the entire system is about to go bust,

On the other side we have what is known as the [White Hats] these would be the good guys and they also have interest in collapsing the current banking system so that the world can stop being run into the ground by these absolute criminals. 

So the bad guys currently running the banking system are the ones basically directing all this chaos right now with the help of George Sorors and Klaus Schaub and most members of the democratic and some of the Republican parties are also helping to orchestrate all this along with the MSM who is really nothing more than a mass propaganda machine that’s part of [Operation Mockingbird] run straight out of the CIA that started back in the mid 60’s or so and used to set the agenda and help divide and concur the United States.

President John F, Kennedy was in fact assassinated for this same criminal banking cartel because he signed Executive Order #11110 witch took the power away from the Federal Reserve (Private Bank) and put it back in the hands of the U. S. Treasury where it belongs, 10 days after Kennedy was shot, EO #11110 was truncated by President Johnson and EO #11110 was reversed which in turn gave the power of the banking system back over to the Criminal Private Federal Reserve Bank. and this is the same war we have been fighting ever since. the story is actually much bigger than this, but this sort of a primer. If yuo want to find out more, I would recommend reading “The Creatures From Jekyll Island by G. Edward Griffin, or the Money Masters and or The Monopoly Men and their are a million books on all this.

So the question I get asked a lot is, so what happens after the banking system collapse’s? well this part is still a bit tricky because I’ve only heard of a few things that will remedy this mess, the major one and the one I am using myself right now is Bitcoin and for me this is an easy choice, once people actually take the time and study it and what it all means and not just listen to the FAKE NEWS about it, but really look into it for yourself, it appears to have the most beneficial use and security and it’s also pure freedom for the individual.

If your interested in Bitcoin and how to get start, I wouold recommend learning as much as you can before you get into it, if your going into it with the mindset of making money or profit, you most likly will, however your also missing the point altogether. Bitcoin is way more then just money or currency or means of exchange, if you want to know more about this, I would again point you to a book, this time “SoftWar” by Major, Jason P. Lowery United States Space Force. and while I’m only half way thought, it actually explains a lot more detail and important of bit coin, and for thus of you who don’t believe about Bitcoin, Jason had to get approval from the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Congress and the Senate in order to get it published, the whole point of me telling you this is not to impress you but to show you, things are working on many layers and levels behind the iron curtain that unless your paying attention you won’t know anything about it. the MSM is certainty not going to tell you why? Because they are the Enemy of We the People. ad they Absolutely hate not only We the People, but they Hate America as well. If you believe nothing else I’ve said, trust me on that.

On the Banking side, their attempting to create there CBDC’s and bring it on as quickly as possible, it will be centralized the same as the banks fiat money is now, the only difference is with CBDC it will all be Digital and this is a really bad idea, or has the potential to be desaturase because either the banks and or government working in collusion with one another will be able to shut off your credits anytime they see fit, for example, just like there doing in China right now, they use a social credit score system of banking where as, if a citizen should as an example act out of line or say the wrong thing to the wrong place or person, they can simply turn off your credits until you decide to comply with the dictatorship, that’s the power the current banking and governments want to impose on us all eventually, they want/need that same control of what they have had for the past 200 or so years, with CBDC its just going to benefit them a whole lot faster. you have been duly warned.

Well I say, fuck all that, we say, it’s high time for the banks to take a hike and get lost. If you actually believe the Banks here in the US wouldn’t do that, then you might just be just gullible enough to fall for their schemes Lock, Stock and Barrel.. No thank you, I’ll take my bets with Bitcoin.

Bitcoin on the other hand is controlled by no one, there is no CEO, there is no Company or Corporation and there is no government or bank that can control it and, there is noting they can do about it contrary to popular belief , it’s controlled by the open market and as long as your have your Bitcoin stored in a safe place such as on a hardware wallet, no one can get access to it, the only way someone could steel it from you is if they actually torcher you, if they kill you, no one gets it and it becomes a donation to the system, their is no recovering it, it can only be accessed by you and only you and it’s portable and useable world wide on a peer 2 peer network, try sending gold on the other side of the world and see what happens, With Bitcoin there is no middle man, you do not need the permission of any government, bank, company or corporation. PERIOD.

Bitcoin is very secure EXAMPLE: the odds of winning the MEGA lottery for instance is something in magnitude of 1 in 295,000,000,000,000. Bitcoin security is 250 times that. I can show you a chart if your confused, let me know.

So back to the original cause and reason why everything looks so chaotic right now, if it’s not train derailments and toxic spillage, it’s  school shootings by who? That’s right the Trans community at large, it’s the gas war, its the economy, its the banking scams, its the crypto and NFT Scams like the FTX Sam Bankman Fried Ponzi scheme, its the NFT scams like the ones Paul Logan is involved in, it’s the countless food facilities distributors burning down  to the ground all over the place, there was like what, 20 or so food distributors and food plants that all burnt to the ground over just the last 6-12 months, if you really think all this chaos is some sort coincidence, WOW. You might want to think again, no, this is all 100% orchestrated.

This whole transgender and pronoun explosion that has erupted over the last 5 or so years, you do remember that all this came out of nowhere it seems right? I mean I realize their are always a certainly anomalies that take place in nature, but this is not at all what’s happening here, no this is mostly manipulated and used for tis time, we are at war and this is all clearly orchestrated, I suppose you might be inclined to think this is all just one big coincidence too right? come on now…  no it’s all being done on purpose, now as for the people who claim their trans all of a sudden I honestly don’t know if it’s that their being brainwashed, paid or both or what or how their being control but their being controlled this I am sure of. you thin any of this is being done organically. 

Yes we are at war, this is what a spiritual war looks like, this war is not between the left and right or Democrat’s vs. Republicans, this is a war between right and wrong, it’s a spiritual war.  Now I don’t know exactly how any aspect of this transgender is being put into peoples head, but it’s being pushed fairly hard in democratically run schools, and then the FIBA and the intelligence community is being weaponized against anyone who who happen to oppose any of this sickness, I can tell you for fact that it’s not at all organic,  can see it? I can see it crystal clear 100% with my own eyes, it really matters not why so much as it does, what do we do about it, being aware of it at least we have an idea on how to battle this war more effetely. 

                            “All battles are won before the war  ever begins”

                         ~ Sun Tzu – The Art of War

I will probably be adding to this article as the days continue to update as things happen or new information becomes available or, when I think of something to add to the whole article.


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