May 22, 2024
Freedom Walker


Tic Tok – BANNED

The big discussion of the BANNING of the popular web app known as Tic Tok, to be or not to be, that is the question.

I think and believe if I’m not mistaken, the idea of banning Tic Toc as well as other things coming out of China started to come to us from the Trump administration if not Trump himself, why were so many things being considered to be banned from China? It’s became concerns of a real national security threat. That’s why.

Most people don’t even know this, but another company that Trump had involvement in banning that also came out of China was, I believe the HUAWEI or Awai Electronic Company’s or both, these companies were banned because it was discovered that many of our own U.S. Military Equipment such as fighter jets were using parts manufactured from those same electronic companies, now, I don’t know about you, but to me logic once again tells us that maybe, using our #1 enemy’s electronics parts in our own Military equipment is probably not the best idea a nation could have because it has the potential of becoming a real threat to our national security for logical reasons

When it comes to Tic Tok, it too could be considered a weapon I suppose although it would seem to me to that it would be on a much lower level then say  dealing with equipment such as military fighter jets, one thing people need to think about and understand is that there’s a real difference Using Tic Toc in China as opposed to using Tic Toc here in the US. Why?  In China, it’s used more for educational achievement’s, Tic Toc in the US however is used mainly for entertainment purposes and while this alone right nit be a bad thing, over time this push to dumb Americans down though the intended purpose filling the digital pathways with endless amounts of totally meaningless and mindless entertainment.

While some could argue if this is all intentional or not, here are some things to think about, if in fact China is our number one enemy and I believe that that at least the CCP aspect of China on many different levels then logic once again tells us that there is a good chance that it’s all intentional and it’s been weaponized and if this is true, then yes, it can over time be used as a threat in a not so direct way.

One thing I would like to point out to you is that our enemies both foreign and domestic play the long game in many instances.  Don’t think so? look how the global banking system works and you might start to think differently about how our world works and who it was/is that’s been managing the outcome. JS, again, noting is as it appears to be on the surface. It’s only when you can do a deeper dive and into the many different layers and levels, the surface levels is where all the noise is, you know, like the crap the MSM puts out as  News turns out to be a pack of lies, it’s the non-thinkers who are often irrational about how they come to their knee jerk reactions, it’s, the pure rhetoric of total nonsense, it’s the purposeful and unintentional confusion, you know… The Surface Noise.

Some might argue that if Tic Tok is a weapon what would be the net-effect of this tool, what’s the big deal, it’s just entertainment after all right, what if I told you that Tic Tok was or is doing exactly what it was designed to do, keep Americans as dumbed down as possible, again, I’m not saying this is the truth, I’m just saying what if right? But we have to think though the possibilities and come to logical conclusions,

One of the arguments is that over time, the American people become dumber and dumber to the point that when it comes to making important decisions like allowing our Military Aircraft to use our enemies hardware, yeah… this is a problem especially if it’s being done intentionally, so if this is the case, this would make it a more long term weapon, nothing to see here until ten yours down the road and we have no one left smart enough to figure out how to tie their shoes.  Then what? So again, as commander and chief who has the number one responsibility keeping America safe and secure with briefings that often we are not privy too what would you do. as Commander and Chief, If you don’t do what you can to protect America, then it becomes a constitutional crises and a derelict of duty.

So, back to the original Bill that’s possibly banning Tic Tok, if you’re were the leader of the free world, what would you do in this situation where you have far more information and intel then the average American. As I’ve always said a billion times, NOTHING and I do mean NOTHING is as it appears to be on the surface, everyday people are more inclined to think and react more emotionally rather than logically and this gets us into a lot of trouble every single time. Yeah, humans are slow to learn.

Another interesting thing to consider is that maybe this is all a ploy to force the current owners of Tic Tok to sell it to an American company, I don’t if this is true or not but the reason I say this is because this is exactly what happened to another App known as Grindr, this too used to be a China controlled app and at some point the US forced the China company to sell out to a US based Company and as it turns out, a company in Texas purchased it, Grindr was originally a Las Angles based company but sold 60% of its assets to a Chinese video company in 2016 then in 2020 Grindr was sold to U.S.-based San Vicente Acquisition LLC for $608.5 million according to Wikipedia, so I don’t know for sure but what I’m suggesting is that the same thing might be happening to Tic Tok. but we will have to wait and see how this all transpires.  all I know for certain is that people have got to stop with their knee jerk reactions to everything but as I’ve said, nothing is as it appears tp be on the surface. it never is.  the more we learn, the more we understand this. but when will humanity learn this valuable lesson?

Maybe, just maybe, if people didn’t spend so much time on mindless activities such as Tic Tok Apps, they might be able to think more rationally instead emotionally and have their illogical meltdowns over their precious feelings, we can and should all have fun and allow ourselves entertainment of course, but at what cost if that’s all we concern ourselves with? Maybe it’s time we get our shit together before concerning ourselves with entertaining ourselves to oblivion. This is exactly why the WOKE ideology Agenda the establishment is pushing fairly heavily will never work. It wreaks havoc and end up fighting amongst each other instead of our common enemy.  Our enemies know this, this is one of the reasons it’s important for them to keep us divided, remember the term [Divide and Concur] our enemies know human psychology and they uses it against us, make no mistake. It’s one of the oldest tricks in the book of deception.

So down to the 100,000 dollar question,, is Tic Tok a national threat? I suppose it could be considered a national threat for our enemies and how willing they are to play the long game, but perhaps it depends on the maturity level of the people who use this app. this is tricky because I’ve got to tell you,  we have some really low level thinkers on our side if the truth be known, but how much of a threat can that be really, this I don’t know..

I always feel kind of bad, that my writings are so long, but I’m not sorry at all, it’s how we can communicate and where not going to get any understanding it where not willing to communicate our thoughts and ideas. This is what Tic Toc and things like it do to us, they keep us as distracted as possible with some of the most worthless information, all the while our enemies are on their next attack, sounds dramatic I know, but it’s important that we actually understand what it is we are dealing with,

We shale allow Logic be the ruler. Perhaps we need to think in terms of Net Effect of the action being considered and outweigh the benefit from a logical measure of reality. if we ever learn to keep our emotions out of things, we might actually one day have ourselves a whirlwind of progress. Until then, I’ll be waiting here by the fire keeping my feet warm,


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